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Sleep Better and Wake up Pain Free with a Cervical Neck Roll Pillow
Sleep Better and Wake up Pain Free with a Cervical Neck Roll Pillow

Posted on October 27, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

In order for you to wake up refreshed and pain-free every morning, you must enjoy a high quality of sleep.  But if you're having trouble staying asleep at night or if you wake up feeling tired and sore, it may be necessary for you to change your pillow.  A pillow that you should strongly consider to enjoy many important sleep benefits is the neck roll pillow.


How a Neck Roll Pillow Helps you Sleep Better


Smaller than the average pillow, and shaped like a cylinder, the neck pillow works by providing support under the neck and cradling the cervical spine (the top seven vertebrae beginning at the base of the skull). A neck roll pillow allows the neck to curve slightly forward and supports the head in the same position, with the same spinal curve as when you are sitting or standing. It is important to maintain this curve even when you are lying down.   If the pillow is positioned high and your neck is abnormally bent in a forward position, it can cause strains in your neck and shoulder muscles. This strain can also occur even if the pillow is positioned low.


Tips for Picking a Neck Roll Pillow

The pillow should supporting the head, shoulders, and neck, and should be placed at a height of 4-6 inches. While searching for the pillow with suitable thickness, the following recommendations should be taken in mind:  When you are lying on your side, the head and neck should be placed in level with your mid back. When you are lying on your back, the head and neck should be placed in level with your spine and upper back.

The optimum pillow size, as described above, is particularly important If you are under stress and experiencing tightened muscles because the tension often settles in your neck.

One of the most important factors in picking a pillow, whether a neck roll pillow or any other style of pillow, is its firmness. Your physician is likely to have a recommendation, but generally speaking, firm pillows are recommended for chronic neck pain sufferers.  A softer pillow is sometimes good for temporary neck pain caused by an injury or resulting from a long standing condition.  In most cases a firmer pillow is the best option.

Pillows can be filled with a variety of substances, including down, memory foam, hypoallergenic polyester gel fibers, cotton and even buckwheat hulls.  The choice of fills should be based primarily on the comfort they provide, but it should be noted that some fills may be better able to hold their shape than others.


How to Use a Neck Roll Pillow

Placement of your pillow is important for maximum sleeping comfort. Although there are different types of neck pillows available, the positioning should be the same for all. The neck should be resting at the pillow's primary outward curve, and your head should be naturally placed in the pillow's indentation, which will act as the headrest.

Neck roll pillows are one of the more versatile styles and can be used in many ways.  A neck roll pillow can be used as a body pillow placed between the legs while side sleeping or as a bolster under the knees to take pressure off the back for the relief of lower back pain.  It can also serve as a lower back or lumbar support during extended seating at home or during travel.  Finally, neck pillows can provide support for the head and neck during napping while seated for auto, air or other forms of travel.


Great Neck Pillow Offers from Deluxe Comfort


Several great cervical roll pillows are available at moderate cost from Deluxe Comfort. These include:


Cervical Roll Pillow - At $18.25, this pillow is Deluxe Comfort's most versatile, low-cost fiber-filled support pillow. Its firmer ends ensure maximum comfort and proper support. Great for your neck, back or under your knees, and can be used at home or when traveling. Made with polyester fiber fill, it helps relieve headaches, joint strains, arthritis, neck injuries and more. this pillow is completely washable.


Softeze Allergy Free Thera Cushion Roll - This pillow is available in the new Pristine Allergen-Barrier fabric.  It is orthopedically designed to cradle the neck and relax tense muscles for the ultimate night's sleep.  this pillow features and allergy-free construction.

Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow- This inflatable roll pillow makes it easy for you to rest comfortably wherever you go.  Easy to pack for traveling the Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow measures only 4"x16.5", so that you can fold and carry it in any bag without any problems. The Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow has a soft, removable cover and comes in an attractive blue color.

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