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Car Seat Belt Cushion: Extra-safety and comfort for drivers
Car Seat Belt Cushion: Extra-safety and comfort for drivers

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In America, the use of seat belt is up to state governments. Since 2004, twenty-one states in the country consider the use of seat belt of primary order, twenty-eight states consider it of secondary order and the state of New Hampshire does not count with a law for the use of seat belt in people over 18.

Despite there is legal controversy regarding its use, since it is considered as an infringement to civil liberties, there proven physic reasons that support the necessity of wearing a seat belt (however there is also medical speculation that claims it may produce neck and spinal injury and let the car occupant trapped in the car).

Whichever the reason you fasten your car seat belt when you drive/ride a vehicle, one thing is for sure: The lap belt may cause uncomfortable rubbing and chaffing in the abdominal area after a prolonged use.

If you have to drive for long distances from home to work and vice versa, especially in summer, you may have experimented the discomfort of the set belt’s friction against your abdominal area.

If there is a belt, elastic of any other pressing object around your waist, the discomfort worsens to the limit of a rash, inflammation, skin allergy and/or breathing obstruction.

This aspect is very delicate when it comes to pregnant women. Actually, doctors recommend a series of precautions to pregnant women when driving/riding a car. One of these important recommendations is adjusting the lap seat belt across the hips and BELOW the belly.

Other recommendation include moving back the car seat to leave a considerable distance between the growing belly and the steering wheel, keeping the air bag switch on and placing the shoulder belt across your chest between your breasts.

As for drivers and travelers, there is nothing more uncomfortable that being on the car for long hours, especially if the car has no air-conditioning, than starting sweating. This may produce chafing, which is a skin irritation that is caused by the rough contact of your skin with other skin, clothes and materials. Thus, when you are in a car you have to wear the seat belt with a snug fit (not tight), and avoid the direct friction of the seat belt material.

Babies on board are especially sensitive to the roughness of seat belts since they are in constant movement in their seats.

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