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Sleep: The Best Way to Unwind and Recharge Yourself
Sleep: The Best Way to Unwind and Recharge Yourself

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Valerian Root is Effective at Curing Sleep and Nervous Disorders


Sleep is an essential requirement of every day life. A good night’s sleep is very essential, as after it, you wake up with a fresh mind and restored energy. For a healthy adult, seven to eight hours of sleep is normal, though, the duration, timing and internal structure of sleep varies from person to person and that between people of various age groups. Sleep occurs cyclically and the cycle is regularly reset by various stimuli, like the level of sunlight.


Characteristics and Functions of Sleep


Sleep is a state of unconsciousness, when the sleeper loses the awareness of his/her surroundings. There are certain characteristics, which segregate sleep from other states of unconsciousness like comma and death.


These characteristics are: Reversibility and the incorporation of external stimuli like, sound, touch, etc. into dreams. One of the universally acknowledged functions, which occur during sleep, is the consolidation and optimization of memories. Some other functions, like restoration of neurons, increasing production of brain protein or conservation of energy, are not confirmed by research.


Sleep Disorders: A Major Threat to the Biological Cycle


A normal adult of intermediate age tends to have one consolidated sleeping per day, or his/her sleeping may be divided into a mid-afternoon nap and a shortened night sleep. A total of seven to eight hours of sleep are considered as standard. However, at the extremes of age i.e. infancy and old age, the sleep is frequently interrupted. But other than the last two groups, interrupted sleeping tantamount to sleep disorder.


Sleep disorders entail various sleep related problems like insomnia, delayed sleep phase syndrome and advanced sleep phase syndrome. All of these result from the errors in the synchronization of sleep with the body clock. In patients with psychiatric problems, sleep disorders are often observed. Narcolepsy, one form of sleep disorder, has a genetic basis. Only a fraction of sleep related problems are organic in nature and cannot be cured with chronotherapy.


Problems Associated with Decreased Sleeping:


Insufficient sleeping can lead to various health problems, as well as gives rise to social complications. Problems with memory and concentrations may arise due to sleep deficit, which can lead to serious consequences. Constant irritability is another symptom of lack of sleep. Sleep deficiency, at its extreme, can even lead to death. “Karoshi”, as called in Japan, implies death through overwork, which is a potential consequence of sleeplessness.


In the social scenario also, sleep related problems, have a significant effect. Several marriage problems, particularly divorce cases, are often attributed to these. On the other hand, the economy too, incurs huge loss due to sleep related problems. Sleep disorders lead to lost productivity; absenteeism at work or accidents of the people and this leads to a loss of billions of dollars per year.


Herbal Remedies can Help


Valerian Root is a natural herb that has been used for centuries for its safe, mild sedative properties.  Before it was readily available in extract form, doctors recommended patients suffering from mild insomnia to chew some before trying to sleep.  The effect is so powerful, this supplement can even be used to overcome anxiety disorders.. Valerian Root can alleviate headaches, stomach cramps, and can soften emotional duress, and what’s more,  it’s non-addictive.

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