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Oh My Aching Back! What are the Causes of Back Pain and How to Relieve Yourself from it?
Oh My Aching Back! What are the Causes of Back Pain and How to Relieve Yourself from it?

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If back pain is troubling you, you're suffering from one of the very common reasons for visiting a doctor. At some point in their life, almost everyone will be having these sorts of problems which makes their life miserable. If you are currently disturbed by this problem, there are a few things that you should be knowing to adjust with the situation.



Causes Behind Back Pain

Even when back pain commonly occurs after sudden movements or lifting of heavy objects, the pain may be a indication of some underlying problems such as:

Muscle Spasm
Disk Problems
Spinal Stenosis
Misalignment of the vertebrae
Strains, tears or other muscle and ligament dameges

Factors Contributing to this Condition:

These conditions are usually the result of lifestyle risk factors such as:

Bad posture
Work involving excessive bending, heavy lifting, etc.
Lack of exercise and overweight
Osteoporosis and arthritis
Depression and stress

Some factors among this like arthritis and age cannot be controlled by us; however, some other factors like exercise and over weight can be effectively managed by us, and will even aid us to control the other factors like depression and stress.

Things to Consider Before the Treatment

If you are able to understand you back pain and causes correctly, it is more likely for you to end up with best results. Your therapist or physician will help you to effectively diagnose your problem, and will advice you with effective remedies and things to avoid. Even if you are having serious problems like nerve or disc damage, surgery is not recommended for the correction of back pain. Even if it is corrected through surgery, chances of getting affected by the same problem again is high.




Most of the back pain problems can be vanished away in few weeks by simply following home remedies. However, if you are still experiencing no relief from pain even after 3 months following these, your problem may be a bit more intense which may require correction methods including activities and trainings to strengthen the muscles and joints.

Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Most problems regarding back pain can be solved by following the below simple steps:

Take complete rest for a couple of days- Try lying on your side having a pillow between your legs, with another pillow under your knees. Remember, don't be stable at a single position for a long time. Get up from the bed after every few hours, and take a short walk or 10-15 minutes.

Medication - Pain medications such as Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin may be required depending on the assessment by your physician.

Use Hot and Cold Therapy - Use a heating pad which is set at medium or low for 10 to 15 minutes after every 2-3 hours. Taking a warm shower will also work as an alternative for the heating pad. Ice wraps or heat wraps can be also used instead of these in the same frequency. Even when there is no scientific ground behind using the hot and cold therapy, it will certainly help you to ease your pain. Try using both the methods in alternate days to select the best one for you. If you are considering massage therapy, go for a lower back massaging cushion which provides you both pain and stress relief.

Resume your normal activities as soon as possible - For retaining the strength of your joints and muscles, movement is the most important thing. Actually, over stay on bed can actually increase the back pain problems.

Compose a new exercise program - Exercises such as walking is best suited for your back. If you can plan and do it correctly, it will be stress relieving and will even help you lose weight. Your physical therapist or doctor will recommend you special exercises for strengthening and stabilizing the muscles that support the back. Strengthening of these back muscles will improve your posture and keeps your body in perfect balance, thereby decreasing the chances of injuries.

Additionally Available Treatments for Pains that Persist

If the pain still persists even after following all these instructions and recommendations, your doctor will recommend you with options of additional treatment methods such as stronger medications or physical therapy. These additional treatment methods may involve steps like spinal manipulation which helps to reduce the pain and increase the motion range. This treatment method is usually performed by an osteopathic doctor or a chiropractor.

If you are affected with chronic back pain which lasts for 3 months or long, it will be really important for you to develop the perfect coping mechanisms to avoid depression, additional pain and sleeplessness, which involves both medical and physiological treatment.

Recommended Products for Getting Relief from Back Pain

A wide variety of low cost and effective products are available to help you perform these home remedies. Some of these highly recommended products available online at, are listed below:

Multi Position Pillow - having two separate sections supporting your back, the lower section is specially designed for supporting your lower back while the upper portion can be used to support your shoulders and head-

Microbead Roll Bolster - is the perfect product which provides knee elevation for sleeping on your back comfortably-

Coreback Support Belt - Industrial Support  is specially designed for providing proper support for the lower back and abdominal compression, making sure that you will work comfortably without any risks of industrial injuries-

Contour Backmax with Massage supports and protects your back, while providing a soothing massage effect at the same time-

These products represents various devices for back pain treatment available in the market currently. Many other products which meets your special requirements can be found at

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