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Now You Can Get Effective Relief from Snoring with a No-Snore Pillow
Now You Can Get Effective Relief from Snoring with a No-Snore Pillow

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Snoring is a problem that affects 30 - 50% of all sleepers world wide, and is a concern not only for the snorer but for others who can hear them snore, and whose sleep is also interrupted.  Snoring causes sleep deprivation to the snorers and those around and is often responsible for daytime drowsiness, irritability, lack of focus, marital discord  and decreased libido.  Many studies have shown a correlation between snoring and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

While snoring can be a symptom of a more serious condition such as sleep apnea, snoring is usually the result of irregular airflow caused by a blocked passageway due to factors such as:


- Sleeping on the back

- Poorly positioned jaw, often caused by tension

- Obstruction in the nasal passageway

- Fat accumulations in the throat area

- Relaxants such as alcohol or drugs causing the throat to relax


These situations can cause tissues in the airway to touch each other causing vibrations and the audible sound of snoring.


How No-Snore Pillow Relieve your Snoring Problem

There are many ways to cure or reduce snoring. Some of these involve lifestyle/behavioral changes, appliances for the face, mouth or nose to improve airflow and even surgery.  However, one of easiest and most reliable way to reduce snoring is to use an No-Snore pillow.

Since it is known that people who sleep on their backs are more prone to snoring, No-Snore pillows are generally designed to encourage side or stomach sleeping.  These pillows help to align the position of the neck, chin, shoulders, back and head to not only keep the airways open, reducing snoring and sleep apnea, but also maintain the proper spine alignment to eliminate neck, shoulder  and back pain while decrease morning stiffness.

No-Snore pillows can be helpful for those snorers who insist on sleeping on their backs. They do so by keeping the chin in a raised position slightly above the chest, with the jaw in a slightly forward position to help ensure that the air passage remains open and unconstricted.

Choosing the best No-Snore pillow can take some trial and error in order to find the pillow that best fits your body size and sleeping preferences.  Thus, it is desirable to purchase your pillow from a source that allows trial use of the products they sell.  For example, a side sleeper may need a thicker pillow than a back sleeper to provide the proper elevation from the tip of the shoulder to the side of the face so that the head's weight does not cause it to hang in a stressful position during sleep.   The thickness required can be best determined by trying out different pillows.


No-Snore Pillow Options


Here are a selection three of the top-rated No-Snore pillows offered by

The Better Sleep Pillow - This cushion straightens your neck and spine fittingly, keeping your aviation routes open, lessening wheezing and sleep apnea. Fitting spinal arrangement serves to keep away from neck and back torment while anticipating morning solidness. The Better Sleep Pillow is particularly composed with a horizontal break along the whole length of the cushion and a middle tunnel for elective arm positions.

It gives back for your arm, head and neck, lessening shoulder distress, deadness and shivering. The Better Sleep Pillow is the main multi-positional cushion accessible today intended to suit effortlessly all rest styles: permitting you to rest in a position that is most agreeable for your physique, altering splendidly for back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach sleepers.


The Contour No-Snore Pillow -This pillow takes the shape of your neck area thanks to its unique curved shape and flexible anti-snoring air chamber that adapts to your head and neck to ensure the correct support for a full night of uninterrupted, snoring-free sleep.

Incorporating a built-in air chamber in its center, the Contour No-Snore Pillow will help to keep you off your back throughout the night. All you have to do is to inflate the air chamber with the handy valve until the pillow is filled to the desired thickness. This pillow features a ventilated natural latex foam composition that balances moisture and warmth to give you a comfortable  sleeping surface.

The CervAlign Pillow - The Cervalign Pillow is another orthopedic cushion that is composed with an indented focus that improves neck uphold for back sleepers, while expanding solace for side sleepers. The CervAlign Pillow's ergonomic design offers healthy neck support for both side sleeping and back sleeping. This design lets your shoulders rest comfortably while providing the neck the support it requires.

The CervAlign pillow is available in three sizes to accommodate the distance between the tip of the shoulder and the and the ear for different neck sizes and body builds.


Can a pillow really stop me from snoring?


There are many options available to stop or at least reduce snoring, but only a few of them really work, and some are much safer and easier to use than others.  A No-Snore pillow should be one of the first options you consider for several reasons.  First, they are not intrusive as are snoring surgery or most snoring-prevention devices.

Second, the top pillows are quite cost-effective, with the three recommended above all costing less than $100. Finally, they are simple to use, requiring no parts, wires or batteries, as they are designed solely to adjust and align the position of the neck, back, shoulders and head for a comfortable night of snore-free sleeping.

If you've been troubled by snoring, you owe it to yourself to experiment with No-Snore pillows, the safe, effective and low-cost way to provide a better sleep situation for yourself and those around you.

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