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Deluxe Comfort Kitchen Countertop Sliding Shelf, 11.5" : 21" x 8." x 5" - Small Appliance Slider Caddy - Slide Into Your Daily Routine - Anti-Scratch

Item # SLDS-002-01 Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Features

» THE ULTIMATE SMALL APPLIANCE CABINET - Boasting excellent craftsmanship and solid structure, nothing surpasses Deluxe Comfort's Sliding Shelf Under Cabinet. This small appliance storage unit is a must have for your kitchen or bathroom. Serving both to save you space and time as it brings all of your most frequently used appliances closer to you, the excellent quality of this sliding counter caddy is both reliable and unsurpassed.

» MAKES LIFE EASIER - When it comes to appliances, kitchen ware tends to overcrowd and sometimes even scratch the surface of your countertop. This flexible sliding shelf solves these problems, as it brings small appliances closer to you; saving both your countertops and your arms and back. No more bending forward to slide needed items closer within your reach. And, like any good sliding tray, it will save space in your kitchen as it merges seamlessly with your decor.

» FLEXIBLE AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Ideal for any sort of appliance storage, the Sliding Shelf Under Cabinet particularly makes for an ideal coffee shelf. And while it supports your coffee pot as a sliding coffee tray, other small and large kitchen and bathroom appliances-including toasters, can openers, microwave ovens, hair dryers and curling irons, alarm clocks, etc.-would fit nicely onto its surface. It even might serve as a spring roll tray, a spice rack as seen on TV, or a sliding TV shelf. Basically and essentially, this is an all-in-one appliance caddy!

» GUARANTEED - We fully and with all confidence guarantee the quality, usefulness and craftsmanship of the Sliding Shelf Under Cabinet. If you have any questions, complaints or concerns about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

» Slide Into Your Daily Routine

Product Overview

We all know the feeling. You're late for work, and you rush into the kitchen to find your countertop busy and overcrowded; and aside from detracting from the looks and cleanliness of your kitchen, this cluttered state makes it difficult for you to find, move and use those appliances that you need and use the most, from your blender to your coffee pot. You're not exactly a cabinet maker, so you can't very well build and place your own small appliance cabinet. Yet you can lay your hands on Deluxe Comfort's Sliding Shelf Under Cabinet; a sliding shelf caddy that will become part and parcel of any organized, high-functioning kitchen. The ideal kitchen appliance shelf, this revolutionary appliance storage product sits flush against your wall and countertop-sliding outward when needed in a smooth fluid motion. Now you can have an under counter coffee pot or under counter coffee maker, or a counter tray where you can place a blender, under counter toaster, can opener, or any other frequently used kitchen appliance. This handy caddy and pull out shelf is perfect to hold kitchen appliances small and large; ah, but that's not allナ. This handy caddy sliding counter tray is far more than just another in a long line of coffee pot accessories. These surefire appliance sliders also come in handy in other rooms of the house, including the bathroom. After all, when you're fumbling around for your bath soap, shampoo or conditioner, a small appliance slider carrying these toiletries would definitely come in handy-especially one that is easy to reach and move with wet hands and soapy eyes! A sliding shelf also would be the ideal place to store those curling irons, shavers, toothbrushes, toothpaste and toothbrush holders, cosmetic cases, and other bath accessories that you use every day. You even might find some use for this small appliance caddy in your bedroom or living room, as it would make the ideal example of TV trays as seen on TV or a perfect resting place for a radio, alarm clock or collectible. Wherever you choose to use the sliding counter caddy in your home, rest assured that the Sliding Shelf Under Cabinet is sure to improve the appearance of the room as a whole. With the able aid of a pull out shelf, your living and dining spaces will appear larger, cleaner, and less settled. This sliding counter caddy is like you own secret door-and the surefire secret to your organizational success!

Benefits and Features

  • SLIDES EFFORTLESSLY so you can reach your frequently used appliances, and then tuck them back away when you're done. A favorite to use with coffee makers and toasters.
  • PROTECT YOUR COUNTERTOP from being scraped and scratched each and every time you pull out your coffee maker, toaster, or other appliances.
  • SITS NEATLY flush against the wall, and looks just like a simple stand for your appliance when tucked away. No need to worry about adding bulky, space-taking items to your already busy countertop.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY and make it easier to reach your stored food products by using these sliding shelves inside your kitchen pantry closet, or inside your cupboards.
  • OTHER USES are only limited by your imagination. Try it for your alarm clock, or your bedside lamp.
  • Product Information Details

    Weight:  0.7500
    Asin code:  B005AWVRV4
    MPN:  SLDS-002-01
    UPC:  885535356798
    Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    Depth:  12
    Height:  1
    Length:  12
    Shipping Weight:  1.2
    Width:  8.5
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    Deluxe Comfort Kitchen Countertop Sliding Shelf, 11.5" : 21" x 8." x 5" - Small Appliance Slider Caddy - Slide Into Your Daily Routine - Anti-Scratch

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