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If you are looking for a pillow that has it all to improve your health quality, then Sexual Wedge Pillow is right for you. No other pillow can offer you physical and physiological improvement as well as soothing sleeping pleasure.

Masexual wedge pillowsny people in this country suffer from different physical conditions that are produced for sleeping in a wrong position and/or using inadequate sleep support. Much of this is because they ignore the importance of selecting a good Sexual Wedge Pillow and the consequences of its misuse.

Likewise people do not help themselves much and make much disarrangement that tends to attack their digestive system first.

Acid reflux is a chronic gastrointestinal disease, also known as GERD, in which the acid liquids of the stomach are pumped up to the esophagus, damaging its lining producing a great inflammation.

It has to do with gravity. In the morning when we are standing up, the acids bump down into the stomach due to this energy where it is neutralized by the bicarbonate contained in the saliva we are constantly swallowing, but when we are lying down in bed the acids do not stay in the stomach, they go all the way up to the esophagus, and here is where the Sexual Wedge Pillow comes.

This wonderful slope elevates your upper body impeding that the acids reach and burn your esophagus.

Acid reflux is also the symptom of a more severe condition as hiatus or hiatal hernia which happens when the upper part of the stomach protrudes into the chest through an opening of the diagram. For this, it is necessary to keep your upper body inclined to allow gravity keep the stomach and its content in their place.  

Snoring is an annoying sleep and breathing disorder that affects both men and women that flattens out the airways and produces a vibration on the uvula and soft palate that produces that disturbing sound. When inclining your body with the Sexual Wedge Pillow your airways passages get unblocked and relieves the throat pressure, thus conducing to a more restful sleep. 

Varicose veins or lower extremity venous abnormality are a common blood circulation problem mostly women of all ages have to face, and some men too. These are swollen veins that bulge over the skin surface, especially on legs, that cause big pain and get worse during pregnancy.  With the Sexual Wedge Pillow you can prevent this condition. This leg support pillow elevates your extremities to allow free blood circulation through the veins of your legs while you are lying down.

sexual wedgeIn case you have undergone a surgical procedure it is normal you have to tackle swelling, throbbing, muscle tension, pressure and great pain in the are you were operated or all over your body. For this, the appropriate angle of the Sexual Wedge Pillow of memory foam can help you reduce these discomforts, relaxing your body, reducing the swelling and the muscle tension and strain.

It is recommended for:
-    Breast augmentation, reduction or lift.
-    Facial surgeries: face lift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, dermabrasion, chemical peel, and face lift, laser skin resurfacing.
-    Body surgeries: liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), c section and body lifts.
-    Gastrointestinal surgeries: acid reflux, acid indigestion and hernia surgery.
-    Others: pressure relief, post-surgery relief, breathing comfort and swollen feet.

With all the abovementioned, we can conclude that the Sexual Wedge Pillow is one of the most complete therapeutic pillow in the market, and more than a foam Sexual Wedge Pillow, it is a health aid for anyone to cope with the symptoms and side effects of many diseases and moreover, prevent them. If you want to read more about this excellent product, click on Sexual Wedge Pillow.

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