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Deluxe Comfort Relax In Bed Pillow - Therapeutic Back Pillow - Poly-Fiber Foam With Built-In Neck Roll - Reading and Bed Rest Lounger - Bed Pillow, White

Item # RELX03-WHIT Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Features

» TOP QUALITY SUPPORT PILLOW - Deluxe Comforts Relax in Bed Pillow Plain White is the very best support pillow available on todays market; one that boasts excellent craftsmanship and offers infinite comfort for the head, neck and back.

» AN EXCELLENT THERAPEUTIC PILLOW - If you need a pillow to relieve back pain or to support and nurture other aching joints, or are perhaps in need of a reliable pregnancy cushion, posture support or heartburn ease, or an incline pillow to support the back and neck, then this is the ideal choice.

» THE ULTIMATE COMFORT PILLOW - This luxurious foam cushion pillow is culled from a cushiony poly-fiber, and comes complete with a built-in neck roll. It will feel much like a back cushion that also supports and succors other areas of the body; offering a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating rest.

» ATTRACTIVE AND EASY CARE COVER - The pillows that we offer here not only relax the back, but are easy on the eyes as well. They shine a pure and neutral ivory, to go with any bedroom decor, and are machine washable.

» GUARANTEED - We guarantee the top quality and sublime comfort of the Relax in Bed Pillow

Product Overview

So what on earth good is a pillow if it fails to offer you a restful night’s sleep? The Relax in Bed Pillow Plain White from Deluxe Comfort offers the ultimate in luxurious--and even therapeutic--relaxation. 

While many pillows support only the head, this is a stellar example of those lumbar support pillows that will protect your back as well--even featuring a neck roll that will coddle your head and neck, more comfortably than a typical wedge pillow would. This is a big fluffy cloud of a pillow that measures 10 by 20 by 22 H Inches and is culled from cushioned poly-fiber; the equivalent of a back support chair, a spine support or back roll pillow, or even a massage cushion pillow. This is the ideal pillow for those who need a good and fortifying night’s sleep; or, for that matter, those who spend a great deal of time lounging, reading, or watching TV in bed. This feels much like a back pillow massager, or at the very least a comfortable seat cushion!

Furthermore, this firm memory foam pillow also offers a number of therapeutic benefits for those facing any number of short or long-term health concerns. The rare head and neck pillow that also qualifies as a lower back pillow, this is the ideal lower back pain pillow, spine support pillow, or lumbar cushion. Stop back pain with the aid of this revolutionary pillow, which also serves expectant mothers much like a pregnancy massage chair. Better than a stress relief candle, this stands among the rare pillows that boasts actual medicinal value!

Versatility is another bonus of the Relax in Bed Pillow Plain White. Aside from being an ideal back support pillow for the bed, it also could double as a car pillow (where it will feel like massage chairs for cars) or a desk chair back support aid. It also could serve as a nice chair back that could be used in any room of the house, or a travel back pillow that could be taken along for a plane, train or boat ride. So ideally, you can feel free to use this handy and comfy pillow in any room of the house--or beyond!

Literally topping off this finest of foam pillows is a pure, whisper soft ivory cover that is completely machine washable, and that should go nicely with your bedding ensembles. When it comes to beauty, luxury and therapeutic value, nothing beats that special pillow that will really inspire you to relax in bed!

Benefits and Features

  • SOFT SUPPORT - The Relax in Bed Pillow is filled with a cushiony poly-fiber that is excellent in supporting the lower back, while remaining comfortable to lie upon. Great for those on bedrest.
  • NECK ROLL - The unique design of this pillow features a built-in neck roll, a favorite method among many for supporting their head and neck.
  • WEDGE ALTERNATIVE - A desirable alternative for those that are not a fan of wedge pillows, the Relax in Bed Pillow holds your body in the correct posture for a pain-free rest.
  • NEUTRAL COLOR - The cover comes in a plain white, so there is no need to worry about it not blending well with your existing bedroom decor.
  • EASY CARE - The smooth cover of this pillow is easily removable, and is machine-washable for ease of care.
  • Product Information Details

    Weight:  5.0000
    Asin code:  B006LOAZM2
    Size:  10 x 18 x 24 inches
    Product ID:  35668
    Item ID:  260236
    UPC:  885535390228
    Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    Depth:  9.84
    Lead Time to Ship:  5
    Height:  24
    Length:  9.84
    Shipping Weight:  0.75
    Width:  18
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    Deluxe Comfort Relax In Bed Pillow - Therapeutic Back Pillow - Poly-Fiber Foam With Built-In Neck Roll - Reading and Bed Rest Lounger - Bed Pillow, White

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