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Girlfriend Pillow - Cute Fun Companion Wife, Best Cuddle Buddy - Body Pillow with Benefits - Funny Unique Gag Gift Idea - Pink

Item # GFBP-001-01 Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Features

» THE ORIGINAL GIRLFRIEND PILLOW - This is it, the original and one and only Deluxe Comfort girlfriend pillow. As featured on Anderson Cooper and in The Huffington Post, this creative pillow product reigns as perhaps the best of boyfriend gifts for him-and a great gag or party gift as well. This famous long distance relationship pillow is a must have for every cute couple who can't always be together-as well as for every single guy who could use a special friend, or at the very least a good laugh.

» EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP - Aside from reigning among the funniest and most talked about relationship pillows, the Girlfriend Body Pillow - Pink is a total body support pillow that offers total comfort in the form of softness, durability, and superior construction. Unlike some joke or gag gifts, this is actually a usable and highly practical product-the equivalent of a total comfort pillow.

» THE PERFECT COUPLES LOVE PILLOW - Both the girlfriend and the boyfriend pillows serve a unique purpose, in that they actually can supply a substitute or surrogate for a 'missing mate'; a spouse or significant other who might be away on a business trip or vacation. This pillow is in itself a playful expression of love; a great idea for romantic Christmas gifts, especially if you choose to pair it up with a boyfriend pillow.

» GUARANTEED - We guarantee the solid and quality craftsmanship and the divine soft luxury of the girlfriend pillow. Please feel free to contact us immediately with any questions, comments or complaints regarding this product.

» YOU CAN ACTUALLY use the pillow once the laughs are over. In some ways, the cozy nature of the pillow that you can adjust however you want actually is better than a Girlfriend, so you may want one for yourself!

Product Overview

Girlfriend Pillow - Couples love to exchange little tokens of affection that are at once sweet and sentimental, while at the same time playful and intimate. And all of those descriptors most certainly define Deluxe Comfort's Girlfriend Body Pillow Pink; the perfect way to facilitate long distance love. What better way to say,"i love him" than to give him a pillow that will actually substitute for you and represent you in your absence? And while many lonely men clutch their pillows when their girlfriends are away, not many of these standard pillows come bearing the soft, voluptuous curves, the long loving arm, and even the comforting, succoring bosom of an actual woman. What better way to show girlfriend love than to offer one's boyfriend or husband-or, as the case may be-lesbian girlfriend or wife, a faux substitute until the real thing returns home? This pillow would rank among the very best girlfriend Christmas gifts, Valentine's and Sweetest Day tokens, or fiance Christmas gifts; in other words, the ideal and ultimate way to express girlfriend love.. The Girlfriend Body Pillow - Pink also makes for the perfect gag, joke or novelty gift; one seemingly custom made for bachelor parties, birthdays galas, fraternity soirees, etc. For some reason these occasions always seem to call for humorous and slightly risque gag gift ideas and adult joke gifts. These pillows would in fact make pretty much unbeatable gag gifts for men, bachelor gifts, or novelty gifts for men. Much like a long distance pillow light up, this little wonder pillow would fit in equally well at a party for a couple as it would for a party with a stripper pole! The fellas are all sure to get a big laugh when they see this most unique pillow, the ultimate in gag gifts for adults. At the same time, unlike the usual blow up dolls or whoopee cushion gags that typically make an appearance at a vast majority of boys nights out, the Girlfriend Body Pillow - Pink is a comparatively tasteful and useful example of body pillows for adults.. Indeed, this item is above all a durable, reliable and luxuriously soft all nighter pillow. Its long and delightfully contoured shape makes this an ideal example of body pillows for back pain (as many a long pillow for the total body does), a total body pillow that will adhere to and nurture your body contours. This pillow also would make an ideal support tool for those pulling an all nighter of work or collegiate study-just make sure and stow it away in your desk before the boss comes in the next day, or you might have some'splainin' to do!. Just like a real and true girlfriend, the Girlfriend Body Pillow - Pink is strong and sturdy, while at the same time gentle and reliable. As an added bonus, it's the perfect pillow for a good ol' snoogle!
Greatest Gag Gift for Men Do you have a bachelor party coming up and want a variation on the standard blow-up doll novelty gift? Looking for a funny secret Santa gift for one of your co-workers? Maybe you have an obnoxious friend that views himself to be the greatest gift to women since the mining of the first diamond, yet never seems to be dating anyone. This funny gift may just knock him down a peg or two. Perhaps you have another friend that constantly complains about being single. Why not just buy them a girlfriend and turn their whine into a whimper. No matter whom you gift this girlfriend pillow to, it's sure to bring forth some side-splitting, pants-wetting, and milk-through-the-nose laughter for everyone involved! The original Girlfriend Pillow from Deluxe Comfort is made with soft materials designed to simulate the feel of the female form. Truly the "perfect wife", the girlfriend pillow never nags, or acts jealous, or wants you to share your feelings. She's there to provide a soft and ample bosom for whenever you wish to lay your head upon one. She doesn't ask you to fix the faucet, or mow the lawn, or shovel the driveway. In fact, she comes complete with a cleaning glove on her single arm. After she tends to your needs, SHE can do the dishes (but not really, of course, haha). Ladies, this pillow is not just for men to give as gifts. It's much more acceptable to share risqué and quirky novelty gifts between genders in this day in age than it has ever been. Do you travel on business often? Leave the girlfriend pillow home in your place, and give your man something to remind him that you see all. Also the preferred pillow partner among lesbians! SECURE your SNUGGLY Girlfriend pillow TODAY!!

Benefits and Features

  • Girlfriend Pillow -BEST NOVELTY GIFT for housewarming parties, Christmas, secret Santa gifts, birthdays, retirements and much more.
  • FEATURES SOFT MATERIALS with curves contoured like those of a woman, including a bosom to rest your head upon for comfort. A wonderful gift idea for men and women alike..
  • ORIGINAL GIRLFRIEND PILLOW® The pillow with arm is trademarked and developed in Michigan USA. There is only one true Girlfriend Pillow!.
  • SISTER PILLOW to our Original Boyfriend Pillow® and are often purchased as a pair. Featured on Anderson Cooper, and in The Huffington Post.
  • YOU CAN ACTUALLY use the pillow once the laughs are over. In some ways, the cozy nature of the pillow that you can adjust however you want actually is better than a Girlfriend, so you may want one for yourself!.
  • Product Information Details

    Weight:  1.0000
    Asin code:  B002YVFSSW
    Size:  11 x 16 x 4 inches
    Product ID:  104
    Item ID:  522
    MPN:  GFBP-001-01
    UPC:  885535001001
    Dimensions:  4 H x 16 W x 11 D
    Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    Depth:  11
    Lead Time to Ship:  5
    Height:  4
    Length:  11
    Shipping Weight:  1.5
    Width:  16

    Customer Reviews

    5/5 Stars pretty good
    Review by baby teeth keith (Posted on November 26, 2015)
    This product has worked out well for me. I have extreme anxiety and have always had a hard time talking to women. With this pillow i havent even considered talking to a woman in weeks and still feel pretty darn good about myself. More or less.

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    Girlfriend Pillow - Cute Fun Companion Wife, Best Cuddle Buddy - Body Pillow with Benefits - Funny Unique Gag Gift Idea - Pink

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