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Ear Hole Forever Sleepy Hollow Anti-Stress Pillow

Item # AZ_178_1SPLY27 Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Features

» TOP QUALITY PILLOW SIDESLEEPER -- Side Sleeper with white cotton cover is a supremely crafted support pillow; a one of a kind side sleeper that offers both therapeutic value and ultimate comfort.

» THERAPEUTIC HOME REMEDY PILLOW -- With a revolutionary ear hole, Hollow Anti-Stress support is perfect for those who have earaches, fresh piercings, and infections. And by making it possible to sleep on one's side, this sleep posture pillow supports the head and aligns the spine, preventing aches, pains and snoring.

» COMFORTABLE CONTOUR PILLOW with EAR Divot in the road where your ear is suppose to go - Like apillow, this ultra comfy fiberfill sleeping pillow is the key to a luxurious and refreshing night's sleep. You will feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud--a cloud with an ear pressure off,

» A PILLOW LIKE NO OTHER -- Like a Side Sleeper pillow, this special shaped pillow calls for a side sleeper pillow; one that fits to your head. This side pillow comes accompanied by a crisp and customized white cotton shell for any pillow case.

» GUARANTEED EAR HOLE PILLOW -- We personally guarantee the excellent craftsmanship and endless comfort of the side sleeper pillow as seen on tv. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these ideal pillows for side sleepers, contact us.

Product Overview

So in the wake of a long day's work, you rest your head on your pillow--only to find it anything but a restful experience. When you lay on your back, your spine hurts. When you lay on your side, your back straightens but now your ear hurts. Can you not win in this situation? What you may need is the ultimate side sleeper pillow. Deluxe Comfort delivers with the Side Sleeper Ear Hole Pillow with white cotton cover. Unlike the pillows that cover standard beds much of the time, this side sleeping pillow is an ear pillow with a hole to accommodate this sensitive body part. People with earaches and infections will have much to like about this pillow with ear hole, which also supports, lifts and comforts the head and aligns the spine; thus rendering this the perfect spinal support pillow, cervical contour pillow, shoulder pillow, healthy back pillow, neck shoulder pillow and neck contour pillow. Perhaps it's no surprise that this ultimate pillow for side sleepers also ranks as a great medical assistance pillow. Like a tempurpedic pillow side sleeper, this could morph into a headache pillow, a chiropractic pillow, a fibromyalgia pillow, a tmj pain pillow, bed pillows for neck pain, as well as the best pillow for snoring (as it lifts the chin) and for overall body aches (as it aligns and supports the body). And this align position pillow also can assist with poor posture issues. Even for those facing no substantial medical concerns, this comfortable pillow is certain to ensure a sound and refreshing night's sleep. Like a gel pillow, this ranks among the best pillows for side sleepers and guarantees an easy sleep. As an added bonus, these bed pillows for side sleepers come complete with custom side sleeper pillow cases. A pillow with ear hole needs a cover to fit it, and this crisp ivory side sleeper pillow cover is a zippered, machine washable cotton cover that is hypoallergenic and endlessly comfy and fashionable. If you care to 'lend us an ear,' do allow us to recommend Deluxe Comfort's Side Sleeper Ear Hole Pillow with white cotton cover.

Product Information Details

Weight:  3.0000
Asin code:  B01IR7JMPG
Size:  Sleepy Hollow
MPN:  AZ_178_1SPLY27
UPC:  885535020057
Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
Depth:  5
Height:  4
Length:  24
Width:  19
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Ear Hole Forever Sleepy Hollow Anti-Stress Pillow

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