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Better Sleep Pillow™ II - Memory Foam

Item # BSP-00 Brand Better Sleep Pillow
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Product Features

» Decreases morning stiffness and shoulder pain

» Opens airways, cease the cause of snoring and CPAP

» Support your body frame for proper alignment of the spine

» Improves arm circulation. No more numbness or pain

» Reduces lower back and neck pain

Product Overview

Better Sleep Pillow

Sleep Better Pillow

The Better Sleep Pillow is the perfect pillow for every type of sleeper. A multi-position multi-function pillow allows to sleep in the position that is most comfortable.

The Better Sleep Pillow is uniquely designed with a lateral recess along the entire length of the pillow and a center tunnel for alternative arm positions. Better Sleep Pillow provides support for your arm, head and neck, reducing shoulder discomfort, numbness and tingling.
This pillow aligns your neck and spine properly, keeping your airways open, reducing snoring. Proper spinal alignment prevents morning stiffness. Developed with your comfort in mind, Better Sleep Pillow has a very soft velour zippered machine washable cover.

Do you toss and turn every night just trying to find a position that is comfortable to sleep in? Perhaps you wake up each morning in pain, your neck super stiff and your back absolutely aching? Is your loud snoring preventing you from getting a restful sleep, and also preventing all those around you? If you suffer from any of these issues, it is most definitely time to start thinking about getting yourself a new pillow.

Deluxe Comfort offers you the best in comfortable and pain-free sleep with our Better Sleep Pillow. Constructed from the most comfortable memory foam, these pillows will mold to the unique shape of your body. This enables you to feel like you're sleeping on a pillow that's been made just for you, and leads to the most comfortable sleep ever. The included velour cover lends an even softer feel to this already soothing pillow. A terry cloth cover is also available, but must be purchased separately.

The ergonomic design of this pillow helps to both prevent and alleviate pain. This includes pain in your neck, back, and even in your shoulders. The two included arm holes, one across the front and one cutting through the middle, enable you to lie in almost any position comfortably. Although it works great in while laying on your back or your stomach, it is an absolute must for side sleepers and those that like to sleep with their arm positioned underneath their pillow. It also enables you to snuggle into someone much more closely.

Purchase your BETTER SLEEP Pillow today, and don't ache through another night!!

Benefits and Features

Nestle Into Your Sleep Nook - Stay Comfortable All Night
Less Tossing and Turning = Less Pain
Deep Sleep Guarantee - 60 Day Money Back
Plus 5-Year Warranty / No Questions Return Policy
Machine Washable/Dryable Covers
Patented "Arm Tunnels System

Product Information Details

Asin code:  -
MPN:  BSP-00
Dimensions:  24 x 19 x 5 Bag
Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
Brand:  Better Sleep Pillow
Height:  3.5
Length:  22
Shipping Weight:  3.5
Width:  4.25
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Better Sleep Pillow™ II - Memory Foam

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