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Better Sleep Cloud Microbead Pillow, Large - Patented Arm-Tunnel Design Improves Hand And Arm Circulation - Light Air Cloud Microbeads - Perfect Side And Stomach Sleeper Pillow - Bed Pillow, White

Item # ARM-Tun-01 Brand Deluxe Comfort
Average Customer Rating:
4.6/5 Stars
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Product Features

» CUSHIONY SOFTNESS - Air-infused micro beads mold to your contours, ensuring both a comfortable and pain-free sleep.

» ARM TUNNELS - Two arm tunnels are part of this pillows unique construction, one along the front and one through the middle.

» SNUGGLE PILLOW - This unusual pillow has room for two, and is the perfect shape for cuddling up close to your partner.

» ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The ergonomic design of this particular cloud pillow is most comfortable for side sleepers, aligning your head and neck for better sleep support.

» IMPROVED CIRCULATION - By using the arm tunnels, your arm will have much better circulation aiding in preventing those tingles when your arm falls asleep.

Product Information Details

Weight:  3.5000
Asin code:  B00D45ZRZQ
Size:  one size fit all
MPN:  ARM-Tun-01
UPC:  885536000652
Dimensions:  22x26x9
Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
Depth:  22
Lead Time to Ship:  5
Height:  9
Length:  22
Shipping Weight:  3.5
Width:  26

Customer Reviews

Review by Donnie Darko (Posted on April 2, 2016)
I have a torn rotator cuff which is really painful, so I when I saw this arm tunnel pillow I thought I would give it a try. I'm really glad I did! This pillow keeps my arm stable while I sleep which prevents further injury and provides me with some relief. Prior to using this pillow I would awaken numerous times throughout the night with exceptional pain in both my shoulder and arm. Since I have been sleeping with this pillow I have been able to sleep at night and awaken with minimal pain. I'm glad I got the arm tunnel pillow! !

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5/5 Stars Best Pillow Ever!
Review by A* (Posted on March 14, 2016)
I didn't want to put much faith in this pillow, the price alone was the major obstacle. I've tried in the past to find a solid pillow but with three kids and life in the way, just couldn't justify the cost. I spent one night on this beauty and it was the first night,in quite a while, I didn't have a stiff neck when I awoke. I always sleep with my forearm under the pillow, supporting my head, so I appreciate the padded arm slot. I tossed less. My shoulder muscles weren't tight in the morning. And I felt refreshed.

A negative, a slight one, the pillow when first opened has an awful smell. I had to wash the case twice before I felt comfortable with it. But that's a minor flaw, an awesome pillow!

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5/5 Stars It works!
Review by philo_vance (Posted on February 11, 2016)
I was very skeptical about this pillow after receiving it and examining its structure. I was all set to write a snarky 1-star review about gimmicky over-priced "Sham-Wow" type products when I noticed something important. After using the Arm Tunnel Micro Cloud Pillow for the last two weeks, I'm sleeping better!

I am a side-sleeper which puts me in the target audience for this product. I'm 64 years old and sound, restful sleep has gotten more elusive with each passing year. Even with this pillow, I still wake up a couple of times every night, but I feel that those intervals where I am asleep are deeper and more restful than with my old regulation, Queen Size, polyester-fill pillows.

Because of its unusual structure, a standard pillowcase won't fit properly. The Arm Tunnel Pillow comes in its own specially designed case which opens via a zipper pull on the right side of the "thin" edge. I couldn't find laundering instructions for it, but I washed it in hot and observed no negative consequences.

As far as this being a pillow for two, well, I could see newlyweds getting away with that but, honestly, that's the only case. I think it's a mistake for the manufacturer to market it that way. I suspect that they have done so as a way of justifying its cost, which is admittedly high.

I suggest that you draw no conclusion after just one or two nights. Any pillow change, good or bad, requires time to get used to the difference. Give it a few nights before you decide.

I find that I prefer to sleep off-center, to the right or the left, rather in the central "valley" of the pillow.

I don't know if it's due to the "arm-tunnels" (I don't think so) or the "micro-bead" filling (most probably) or some other aspect of the pillow's construction, but the net-net is that I sleep better and, to me, that's worth 5-stars.

EDIT 12/2013: On the unlikely possibility that someone might wade through the pages of reviews for this item and see this, I felt obliged to offer a status update. In early November of 2013, I awoke one morning to discover that most of the strength in my left arm had disappeared! A trip to the Emergency Room yielded a diagnosis of Cervical Radiculopathy--a pinched nerve in my neck.

I had an MRI, and that showed that my neck was actually in pretty good shape. I'd had no recent neck injury. When I informed my doctor that I had changed pillows to this one a few months earlier, he felt that was the most likely culprit.

I'm not changing my rating because there's no direct proof that the Arm Tunnel Pillow was responsible, but I thought I ought to mention it.

I've switched back to my old Target pillow.

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Better Sleep Cloud Microbead Pillow, Large - Patented Arm-Tunnel Design Improves Hand And Arm Circulation - Light Air Cloud Microbeads - Perfect Side And Stomach Sleeper Pillow - Bed Pillow, White

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