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Anti Snore Contour Pillow - Stop Snoring Pillow Anti Snore Pillow Contour

Item # 09-100-1-543 Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Overview

One of the main aggravators of snoring is the posture in which we sleep. Back sleepers are far more likely to snore than side and stomach sleepers, which can limit the amount of sleep you get each night. When sleeping on your back, the flesh of your throat becomes relaxed and blocks the airway, causing the late night noise and breathing patterns that can disturb your rest as well as that of your partner, but with the Anti-Snore pillow, you will be able to continue sleeping in your favorite position and reduce the ruckus at the same time!

The Anti-Snore pillow is specifically created to tilt the head to a side sleeper position while sleeping on your back. By correcting the sleeping posture, this will open up your airways, and ultimately reduce the effects of snoring. With a sleek orthopedic design, you will be sure to rest in the correct sleeping position and wake up feeling refreshed.

Benefits and Features

  • Flexible anti-snoring air chamber will adapt to your head and neck to avoid snoring using a simple and useful inflate valve.
  • The pillow takes the shape of your neck area thanks to its unique curved shape.
  • Ventilated natural latex foam balances moisture and warmth giving you a comfy ergonomic sleeping surface.
  • Encourage side sleeping opening airway passages
  • Everybody in your family will enjoy a better sleep without snoring
  • Includes a washing machine friendly quilted cover
  • Fits any regular queen size case with a stylish look
  • Great sleeping experience guarantees for more than five years
  • Product Information Details

    Weight:  3.0000
    Asin code:  B002ABRNTS
    Product ID:  991
    Item ID:  10214
    MPN:  09-100-1-543
    UPC:  737709002126
    Dimensions:  L x 10.75 W x 13 H
    Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    Depth:  25.25
    Height:  13
    Shipping Weight:  1
    Width:  10.75
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    Anti Snore Contour Pillow - Stop Snoring Pillow Anti Snore Pillow Contour

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