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The lightweight and slim design of the Memory Foam Pillow makes it the perfect relax company during your day-to-day activities. Here are some practical uses you can give to this small wonder:

Office Chair Cushion: Your company at the office

If you have a sitting-down job you may agree how uncomfortable the chair gets after a couple of hours in a rigid position facing the computer monitor.

It is usually recommended to sit on a chair with armrest getting the stomach in, with your head up looking straight to the monitor and you back as closes to the support chair, but let?s face it: It is pretty hard not getting slouchy!

This amazing chair lumbar support gives you that little extra help you were craving for to keep your body well-aligned for longer time and avoid the consequences of poor posture.

Car Seat Cushion: For happy driving

Improve your driving experience by placing the Memory Foam Pillow behind your back of your neck. It helps you keep sitting down straight in the car seat, it comforts you and protects you from car seat chafing, and it is also a practical car seat pillow you may keep in the trunk whenever you have to sleep or take a little nap in your car.

Travel Seat Cushion: For sleeping on the train or plane

You may know that in many planes and trains pillows are not included, and taking you own may overburden your luggage.

So, wouldn?t it be great to have a slim and discrete travel cushion that you can use during your long hour of travelling?

The Memory Foam Pillow ?

- Fits easy on your case, bag or backpack with no risk of squashing.
- Suits the fancy preferences of business people.
- Has the perfect size for you and your seat.
- Weighs only 330 grams.
- Use it to sleep in hotels, sleeping bags?anywhere!

Lounge Cushion: For reading and repose

Pamper yourself after a hard day of work, resting sound and comfy over the Memory Foam Pillow, place it under any part of your body, it will gently conform to it and support from this special sofa pillow: Exactly what you need for full relax.
If you enjoy reading in your bed or the couch, having this orthopedic seat cushion under your body (lower back or neck) will add extra comfort that will prolong and make more grateful your reading moments.

Massage cushion: For a day in the spa?

Generally during massage sessions, the person is lying down on her stomach, placing her face over a towel roll or over her crossed arms, or if she is lying on her back, her back is flat over the mat. It may be comfortable during the first minutes, but wouldn?t it be much cooler to rest your head or neck over a low height pillow?
Once you try the Memory Foam Pillow you will never want to go to your massage sessions without it. So, why don\'t you try it? Just click on Comfort Soothe Memory Pillow to have this excellent pillow and be always comfy.

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