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Sleep Apnea TreatmentSnoring is a very common dysfunction that occurs only during sleeping due to any kind of blockage in the breathing passage. To stop snoring, there are many snoring-aids that can be used, being snoring pillows the most helpful.

Today, about 60% men and 30% women suffer from snoring. Breathing through open mouth causing vibration of the uvula and soft palate gives rise to an unpleasant sound called snoring that may be soft or loud. Blockage in the breathing passage causes irregular airflow that makes the soft palate flap and makes the snoring sound. Blockage can be due to the tongue falling into the throat, fat gathering in and around throat, mis-positioned jaw due to some muscle tension, allergies or weakness in the throat. Snoring is not dangerous, but if serious, it can become a life threatening sickness called sleep apnea.

Relieve Snoring Effectively and Naturally

Now you can cure Snoring with the Better Sleep Pillow™. Sleeping discomfort causes frequent change of sleeping position and affects the quality of sleep. Ordinary pillows does not give support to your head and neck which gives rise to unnatural sleeping position that can cause breathing problems. Breathing can be improved by keeping the chin away from the chest, the jaw forward and the airway open. This can be achieved by the snoring aids devised by a doctor to improve breathing.

Sleep Apnea TreatmentUse of Anti Snoring Pillow of Better Sleep Pillow™ can solve the problem of snoring to a great extent. These are totally adaptive, indestructible and tension relieving pillows made of high density visco-elastic and hypoallergenic premium foam that molds in-between your head and neck contour giving enough support to your head and neck throughout your sleeping time.

Side SleeperScientifically Designed to Relieve Snoring

No one’s understood sleep innovation better than Dr. Berke, a neurosurgeon who battled debilitating insomnia and snoring problems all his adult life. He bought and tried all the contour pillows, cervical pillows, tempur pedic® pillows, neck pillows, orthopedic pillow & memory foam pillows on the market without having good results.

That is the reason why he created his patented Better Sleep Pillow. Dr. Berke discovered the amazingly simple principle behind improving quality of sleep for all: a contour, orthopedic pillow support provided by visco-elastic/memory foam.

Dr. Berke has made bedtime the best part of the day for untold thousands! People just like you:

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment People who snore and have sleep disorders like snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Sufferers of Rotator Cuff Injuries, shoulder pain, or neck and shoulder pain
  • Stomach, back or side sleepers


  • People who need insomnia treatment and users of sleep aids, who have problems sleeping
  • People on the go who need a more restful sleep for improved energy next day
  • TMJ sufferers, people with migraine headaches
  • Pregnant women who just can’t get comfortable.
  • From car accident survivors to people with pinched nerves in the neck.
  • Looking to improve quality of your life - You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, don't you deserve the best?

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Why the Better Sleep Pillow™ works?


A Superior Ergonomic Sleep Apnea Pillow

To make the Better Sleep Pillow™, we combine certified space technology (Memory Foam) with ergonomic design to give you the gift of a lifetime: quality sleep the minute your head hits the pillow.

Managing your sleep is all about having the right tools. With its exclusive multi-positionable design and recessed “ports” for your sleeping arm, Better Sleep Pillow™ easily accommodates stomach, side and back sleepers, perfectly nesting the upper body in the position that supports you best.Side Sleeper


Just look at all its special features and you will understand immediately why the Better Sleep Pillow™ is the most advanced orthopedic pillow / cervical pillow on the market today:


FOR YOUR ARM >>>> a center & side recess

  • Ever feel pain, numbness or tingling after a night of resting your head, or head and pillow on your arm and shoulders? By having a recessed portion for your arm along the entire length of the pillow, your arm is nestled in a way that’s most natural for your body. You’re less likely to change positions all night long which in the end means sleep innovation, no dark circles under your eyes, and the absence of moodiness or lethargy during the day.
  • The contour pillow is shaped to distribute forces away from the shoulders and arm, allowing your arm to rest unrestricted, without the weight or heat that comes from resting your head directly on the surface of your arm.

FOR YOUR HEAD >> >> an elevating contour

  • By elevating your head, the pillow allows full extension of your neck, opening your air passageways, and thereby removing the circumstances that cause snoring and sleep apnea.
  • With cushioning softness, memory foam is also going to reduce neck and shoulder pain and numbness


FOR YOUR BACK >> >> heat-sensitive visco-elastic foam

  • Visco elastic foam alleviates back pain and pressure by conforming to the shape of your spine and lower back, making next day fatigue a thing of the past. By fully supporting your frame, the Better Sleep Pillow™ improves poor circulation, preventing morning stiffness; inhibits the formation of bed sores by redistributing body weight; and provides support throughout the night, cradling your body in all-natural comfort.
  • Memory foam actually prevents body heat from being drawn away from the head, neck and shoulders.
Better Sleep Pillow
Better Sleep Pillow Better Sleep Pillow Better Sleep Pillow

Finding the Right Neck Pillow

Often, a restless night’s sleep is the result of an unsupportive pillow. The average sleeper rotates through multiple head and neck positions throughout the night. And because the average pillow was never designed to respond and adapt to change ( your pillow slowly succumbs to your weight, reduced to a smooshy, lumpy sack of feathers or foam.

Only a pillow composed of 100% memory foam can adapt to your precise coordinates with targeted and continuous support. It adapts not once, but multiple times throughout the night as you change your sleeping position!Sleep Apnea Treatment

In fact, the Better Sleep Pillow™ is the only orthopedic pillow designed to settle your body comfortably, on your back, side or stomach in the correct spinal alignment. Besides, it supports your body in correct posture, helping you relieve sleep apnea problems.

Frequently changing your sleeping position demands different support. That is why Dr. Berke designed this distinctive multi-positionable sleeping pillow. It’s not just corrective support; it’s like having back and neck therapy while you sleep!

Especially for side sleepers, the recessed arm and shoulder support is contoured so that you can rest your head and neck comfortably in a natural position that allows for correct spinal alignment. Your head and neck stay level while the Memory Foam provides flexible cushioning and jaw comfort - essential for TMJ sufferers.

Health Benefits of the Better Sleep Pillow

Learn more about our product’s tension-relieving properties:

Side SleeperSnoring Cure

The Sleep Better Pillow™ subtly adjusts the angle of a sleepers head to relieve snoring: the problem is usually worse for those who sleep on their backs, so the pillow has a gently sloped surface that encourages sleepers to turn their heads to the side just enough to reduce snoring. The pillow holds the head level, reducing strain on the curve of the neck that can result from pillows stacked too high. The high-density memory foam core (the same advanced material originally developed for astronaut sleep surfaces on spacecraft) reacts to your body temperature, molding itself along the head for a truly personalized surface that cradles you while you sleep. This pillow retains enough firmness to ensure the proper head and neck support critical to a restful sleep, without sagging, bunching, or flattening.

Relieve Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea problems found the Better Sleep Pillow™ the best solution for their sleeping problems. Because it maintains the upper part of the body in a correct position, and this allows a better breathing and a more night of sleep without interruptions.

Snoring Remedy

Ever wonder why anyone would give you a rude shove in the middle of the night? The Better Sleep Pillow™ is designed especially for snoring side sleepers, extending the neck to open critical air passageways, and preventing your head from being pushed forward while you’re on your back … the two biggest scenarios for snoring!


Allergy sufferers love our Better Sleep Pillow™ foam because it’s naturally hypo-allergenic — bacteria and mildew can't live inside visco-elastic foam. And did you know Better Sleep Pillows™ are three times more resistant to dust mites than regular bedding?


Sleep Well and Relaxed without Snoring problems

Now you can really rest during sleep without sleep apnea with the support of Sleep Better Pillow™. This pillow is scientifically designed to reduce airway obstruction and improve sleeping posture. Decide for the best sleep apnea pillow; just click here on the link below to get it now.

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