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Of course, and not only during summer time, but all year long we want to hug our pillow and feel it cool and cozy to embrace it during our night time sleep, to lounge or take a little cat nap.

We sleep over pillows, but we lie over pillow covers. Whether to give extra protection to our pillow or boost its looks, pillow cases are a must on any bed clothing set. 

But if you are looking for more than good looks, rather a reliable and safe pillow sham for you and your loved-ones, the Sleepersack for the Contour Pillow is your best choice.

And why not any other regular pillow case?

\"allergyThe Sleepersack for the Contour Pillow is an enhanced allergy pillow cover, made for health protection, maximum durability, freshness and functionality.

It has been developed according to the multiple purposes and positions you might use your Contour Pillow for.

But, not only in your bed, but on any other surfaces you like to rest, like the sofa, you place your orthopedic neck pillow, this way you will not sink into it, producing and overstretching of your neck, that results in neck pain and stiffness.

For travelers, packing their own Contour Pillow travel has become more necessary to give themselves the most comfortable experience they can get when flying on airplanes, traveling on trains, hitting the road or making time on stations or airports. Having their pillow encased on a practical and fresh contour pillow travel cover is quite necessary for these special occasions.

Most of us feel uncomfortable when using something that is not ours, mostly if it is an article of personal use. When it comes to travel pillows, nothing like having your own to fall asleep faster, sleep confidently and safely.

\"allergyThe importance of a pillow case relies on the influence it has on our sleep quality, health and comfort. Therefore, when choosing one, besides the good looks, it is convenient to look on the material, the measures, durability and guarantee as well.

The Sleepersack for the Contour Pillow  belongs to the group of modern sleep quality products, as the Contour Pillow, products developed to improve your quality of life, made of high-tech materials to enhance your sleeping experience, designed according to orthopedic specifications, aimed to help you overcome sleep disorders, breathing complications, allergies, physical problems, and other conditions. Enter here to read more about the Sleepersack to start sleeping fresh and sound.

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