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Some people while sleeping present some difficulties as choking, sore throat, hoarseness, which is also one of the symptoms of acid reflux disease, and of course difficulty for breathing, are the main problems of these conditions.?

Respiratory diseases affect individuals of all ages. Some are affected by genetic reasons as a weak immune system or as a symptom of a more severe disease, while others due to bad habits as smoking, or due to exposure to dangerous conditions as bacterial infection, working in risky zones, inhaling toxic gases, etc.

Respiratory diseases caused by infections are produced by the inhalation of germs through the fine droplets of your mouth and throat into the lungs. According to recent medical research, these bacteria might also be tugged into the respiratory tract, which in people with a weak respiratory system is hard to eliminate bacteria off the system.
In people with periodontal disease or any kind of oral bacteria there is a high risk of contagion since these infectious micro organisms can easily travel? from the mouth into the lungs.

\"respiratoryChronic respiratory diseases are among the most severe of respiratory problems due to the strong damage produced to the airways? tissues by the chemicals of air pollution, smoke, and any other substance we may be exposed. It can be prevented, though once the damage is done this can not be reversed.

Sow what is the deal between respiratory diseases and pillows? As we have said, respiratory diseases are primarily transmitted by micro organisms as germs, bacteria, allergens, fungi and others. For their structure, pillows are great shelters for these particles. That is why it is very important to choose a pillow made from a hypoallergenic material. It was believed that polyester fibers were much better than feathers, but recently it has been proven it is the contrary.

Fungi are the most usual guests on pillows. Around 16 different kinds of fungi may be living in your pillow thanks to dust mite excrements and your skin scales. One of the most common funguses stored in pillows is the one responsible of the worsening of asthma symptoms.?

With the above said, it is quite obvious the importance of pillow hypoallergenic filling and pillow maintenance.

\"respiratoryThe new alternative on safe and clean pillow filling is memory foam: The latest on bedding materials that is being successfully used in pillows, mattresses and other types of cushion.

The Wedge Pillow is the right elevated support for sleepers with respiratory diseases. It does not store odors or smells and is very easy to disinfect.? Resistant like no other, it ensures you high sleep quality for many years, maintaining its proportions for more time than any other pillow filled with other materials.

Finally you have to suit your bedroom to minimum healthy conditions by disinfecting your mattress, bed clothes, doing regular overall vacuuming, taking your pet out of the bedroom ?if you have one-, and removing any possible sources of contagion to ensure a healthy environment for sound sleep.
But remember that a Wedge Pillow can be very helpful to maintain the airway passages of your body opened. To read more about this excellent product and how it can help you, just click on Wedge pillow for respiratory disease.

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