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Power Web Combo

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Power Web Combo. POWER-WEB COMBO offers a unique advantage of two resistance levels in one, offering greater flexibility and value.It is identical in size, band, and weight as the original POWER-WEB and made with the same high quality construction and materials.POWER-WEB COMBO is available in a combination of two resistance levels from various POWER-WEBS. Our ingenious Power Web Combo strengthens your grip, stretches tight tendons, or helps correct weaknesses caused by injury or repetitive motion. Made from durable latex, it can isolate a single finger or exercise both hands at once; the options are endless. Stow it in your desk or luggage. Includes illustrated manual with 39 exercises. Imported. The Power Web Combo Exerciser is an excellent tool for strengthening and conditioning the wrist, forearm, and ankle. The product was originally designed to improve sports performance and prevent injury. The variety and number of applications are limited only by one's creativity. Exercise programs can be custom designed by your health care provider to meet strengthening and rehab needs. Regarding Resistance:As a general rule, the more tension developed before beginning the exercise, the greater the resistance during the exercise. It may be necessary to switch to a different resistance Power Web Exerciser to achieve the required motion or exercise. The Power Web Exerciser weighs approximately one pound and is 14" in diameter. The web construction is made of high-quality dry natural rubber with special agents added for durability and strength, and is permanently bonded to a rigid steel ring. Resistance Levels: Green Heavy/Black Ultra Heavy Yellow Light/Green Heavy Red Medium/Blue Super Heavy Tan Ultra Light/Red Medium *As with any exercise program, consult your health care professional before starting any exercise program. Product Use and Care: As with all natural rubber products, keep this product away from grease, oil, or excessive heat. Avoid leaving this product in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. To avoid nicks and cuts, the product should always be stored in a carrying case. The product may be cleaned with a lint free cloth and mild soap in warm water. Designed to be used as a form of exercise equipment, and should not be used for play purposes.

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Power Web Combo

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