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Do you wake up with your pillow and bed clothes damped with sweat? And not necessarily during summer time?

This is Sleep Hyperhydrosis, commonly known as night sweats. This is not a sleep disorder, but it is a physiological sign that there is something not going well with our system.

Although, it is normal we feel hot during spring and summer, it is a sign of health concern when perspiration keeps on happening with frequency, almost daily.

Why night sweat happens?

Menopause women are the most frequent sufferers of night sweats or hot flashes. Women with breast cancer who have undergone chemotherapy withdraws all the estrogens of female body, this lack of estrogens, proper of menopause too, triggers perspiration, flashes and insomnia.

Likewise, men also have to deal with night sweats during andropause, or male menopause. This can be really exasperating because this period of hormonal changes does not take months, but years.

Common causes of night sweats

\"nightSleep apnea and snoring sleepers can sweat a lot at night since their bodies are making a big effort to breathe and the heart bumps harder, this cardiac restlessness changes boost their sweating; thus, making sleep more unbearable.

Alcohol, spicy food, certain medication and drugs stimulate our nervous system, which shows through our sweat glands.

Suffering of diabetes insipidus, a kidney disease that disables kidney to retain water, causing uncontrolled urination, severe thirst and sweatiness.

Overweight sleepers have to struggle with excess of calories that produce hot flashes, sweating and discomfort while sleeping.

As we have said, night sleeps can be the symptom of an underlying condition, thus it is necessary to consult a doctor.

How to treat and prevent Night Sweats

Whatever is the cause of your sweaty sleepless nights, you can cope with them doing simple things like:

  • Taking a cold shower before going to bed
  • Keeping your bedroom cool as much as possible
  • Cutting down on big meals with spicy food
  • Having a jar with fresh water next to your bedside table
  • Keeping your bedroom as cool as possible
  • Use slight and cool bed clothes
  • Use a fresh and breathable pillow cover

\"nightWith these practical tips you can have better and cooler nights. Now, when it comes to pillow covers, you may know that the determinant aspect for buying a pillow case is the material it is made of, since a pillow sham?s material can be responsible of skin and breathing allergies, sweating, flashes ?in a nutshell. A big drag!

Health conditions (plus hot weather) give all of us a hard time for falling asleep, no doubt about it. Some people even prefer to sleep with no pillow because they can not stand the heat that comes from them, but to the detriment of their sleep quality.

An effective way to get rid of Night Sweats

With the Sleepersack for the Contour Pillow you can fell the freshness you need to sleep comfier and cooler. Enjoy of a complete restful sleep, with your pillow beneath your body, any time of the year, anywhere. The Sleepersack is easy to clean, fit and sleep on.

Give yourself the joy of sleeping dry and sound; just encase your Contour Pillow with it and marvel yourself the gratifying difference Fiber Fill sleep products make.To order this excellent product, just click on Sleepersack for reducing night sweats.

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