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If you are a frequent traveler you may have noticed that many airlines are not providing pillows to their passengers nowadays and neither on trains or buses. Pillows in hotels are not the same, much of them do not fulfill your sleep needs and they are not yours (sleeping in airports or any strange place is usually uncomfortable, even for the inveterate traveler). Then, what to do when you fall asleep while traveling? What to do if you want a little cat nap to refuel energies after along trip?

\"travel Without support your head will be nodding and falling forwards, causing neck strain, stiffness, cramps and pain when you wake up. How many times you have been in this condition?

You can easily prevent this by taking with you a transportable and lightweight cervical pillow that provides convenient head, neck, chin and shoulder support for comfortable relax. It must have a filling that adapts to the contour of these parts, including the chin, which is many times overlooked by some manufacturers.

As we have said, a travel pillow must be easy to transport and kept inside any bag, suitcase or backpack without taking to much space; light enough for not overburdening your luggage; and easy to wash.

For instance, it would be impossible for you to take your bedroom pillow for its big size; and if it is made from a non-comprisable material it would get seriously damaged.

\"travelThe Traveller Neck Pillow is filled with memory foam which is the most dynamic and versatile filling for pillows. This material is characterized by its resistance, hygiene, freshness, anti-deformation and adaptability to your body and the surface it is placed upon.?

The Traveller Neck Pillow has high sides to support all your cervical area, keeping your head up, your neck aligned and chin supported while sleeping during a trip. Its ergonomic donut-shaped design is meant to give comfortable fit and protection.

Give yourself a complete travel neck support and pleasure with the Neck Travel Memory Foam Pillow. You will notice the difference right from the start and you will make it your obligatory sleep company anywhere you go. If you are interested in getting this comfy product, just click on Neck Travel Memory Foam Pillow

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