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Memory Foam Slippers

Item # MFSI-004 Brand Hot Headz
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Product Features

» Fits all sizes of shoes men and women (unisex).

» Insoles can be trimmed to any size Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints.

» Prevents heel shock by cushioning your every step

» Supports your arch.

» Increase your stability by carding your foot and preventing foot roll.

Product Overview

Memory Foam SlippersThese Memory Foam Slippers calm painful exhausted feet with greatcomfort as taking the natural form of your feet each and every time youwear them. These comfy Memory Foam Slippers react to body heat and theyaccommodate to your feet for best support and comfort.Too, your feet have never been this pampered, with the deluxe velouron top and resilient durable anti-slip soles. You can use them indoorsand also use them outside with their resistant bottom soles. The MemoryFoam Slippers bring healthy relief for people who suffer of arthritis,heel spurs, and other foot discomfort.The Memory Foam Slippers are totally different from any pair ofslippers you have ever worn before. Indeed, the Memory Foam Slippersare maybe the most comfortable slippers in the world as they provideunequaled comfort and support for your feet. Use the most comfortable slippersMany of us end the day with our feet totally weary. Why Becausenormal shoes have -- that cause pressure on certainareas of our feet.Besides, there are some triggers such as age, heel pain, bunions,arthritis even diabetic sensitivity that can intensify the feet pain.Fortunately, you can forget about all those pain and discomfort becausethe Memory Foam Slippers alleviate all of them as they provide firmsupport and sweet relief. The Best Material: Memory FoamThe inner sole of the Memory Foam Slippers is created with a greatpressure-relieving cool material that in fact takes the form of theexact shape of your foot. Memory foam is activated by body heat,providing special support that no other par of slippers can provide.Cradle your feet in plush velour, the Memory Foam Slippers will becomeyour preferred and fine slippers, you will just love them! Unique memory foam material provides maximum comfort. In thebeginning created for the NASA space program, visco elastic memory foamadapts immediately to your foot shape providing a special and greatfit every time. Memory Foam Slippers as well maintain heat and moisture away from your skin; therefore, you can remain comfy. Rugged sole enlarges enduring durabilityOne of the most worn slippers on the market nowadays, the Memory FoamSlippers offers a resistant hard sole thats made for wear both insidethe house as well as for quick trips out to the mailbox.

Benefits and Features

  • Offers your adaptable comfort from your heel to your toes!
  • Offers much required rest for you exhausted feet
  • Clears pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints
  • Prevents heel shock by padding every step
  • Betters your stability by holding your foot and preventing foot roll
  • Soft comfy cotton polyester blend
  • Long-lasting and useful
  • Machine Washable

Product Information Details

Asin code:  -
MPN:  MFSI-004
Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
Brand:  Hot Headz
Gender:  Female
Height:  1.5
Length:  5"-6"
Width:  4
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Memory Foam Slippers

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