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Reading is a maximum pleasure for many people of all ages; this pleasure can be disrupted by a seemingly unimportant reason as your position. We are not talking about reading and comprehension techniques, but about how the position you place your body while reading can affect your reading attention and your physical condition.

lounge pillow for reading in bedMost people enjoy reading in bed or in a big armchair due to the comfort and cosiness of these supports. Some people even find reading as a good practice for catching sleep. Actually, it does really help for many as long as it is a book or a magazine with no job related subjects –not reading from a laptop- with soft lighting and with a comfortable back support.

Reading in bed can be harming if you are sitting in bed in an uncomfortable position, straining your sight and your neck muscles that, and you end up falling asleep in these conditions –worse if you wear glasses: You might break them!- that would make you feel so won out the next day.

So, wouldn’t it be great to have a good upper body support, so in case you fall asleep reading in bed you can wake up in a comfortable and undamaging position?

Wedge Pillow is an anti slipping reading wedge pillow that provides readers a safe and cushioning incline for head, neck and back, maintaining its shape and volume for uniform elevation thanks to the high-tech adaptability of memory foam; and it has a special halfmoon neck pad on the upper part to ensure support under the neck curve: Simply incomparable to the rest of reading pillows.

Lightweight and transportable, you can take this reading bed pillow around the house to read anywhere you please, it adapts to any surface, so you may also use the Wedge Pillow for watching TV in bed or in the couch, or to take a safe after-lunch catnap (the slope design prevents the contents from your stomach coming up to your esophagus, so it is perfect for people with stomach or respiratory problems).

Enjoy your reading time at most resting sound and comfortably on the Wedge Pillow. Feel the unique cradling experience that only memory foam can offer you. See for yourself how this bed wedge pillow acquires the contour of your body and instantaneously gets back its original wedge shape. Have more hours of exciting reading, add a luxurious sleep pillow to your bedroom set and gain the multiple health benefits of this wonderful pillow. Just enter in lounge pillow for reading in bed to get this excellent product.

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