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For men and women who have to deal with hair loss, you will be delighted with having a pillow cover that safeguards your delicate hair.

It is normal to certain point finding a great bunch of hairs in your head pillow cover as part of the hair growth cycle; however, it becomes a hair loss problem when more hair than normal fall out of your scalp.

Why hair falls out?

\"hair-  Stress is the most recurrent cause of hair loss in most people of all ages.
-  In men, the most affected group (though, some women start loosing hair at certain age, too), it can be as product of genetic predisposition or inheritance.           -  After having a long-term illness or a surgery can debilitate the scalp and produce hair loss.
-  Hormonal problems, or misbalance between female and male hormones. Also pregnant women experience hair loss during post-partum (three months).
-  Scalp infection by fungi can cause hair, loss, particularly in children.

Nevertheless, most of these cases are reversible, except for male baldness.

Besides these medical causes, you can loose care due to negligent care as:

-  Wearing tight hair rollers
-  Pulling too much your hair when styling it
-  Excessive use of bleach, permanents, and other chemical products weaken scalp.
- Tossing and turning in bed originates traction that pulls hair out.

If you have undergone a hair transplant surgery, you must be aware of the precautions you have to take to preserve new hair when combing your hair, washing it, and also when you sleep to avoid pulling too much the implanted hair fibers.

\"hairYou know most of us rarely sleep stiff in one single position all, we usually give many turns in bed until we finally fall asleep, but the problem with this is that this produces a rough contact between your hair and the pillow: This rubbing pulls out your back hair, or your front hair, depending on your sleeping position. And the remaining fluffy hair that remains usually can not grow much and it gets hard to comb.

And if your sleep pillow is made of a sweaty material, it gets much worse when waking up with your pillow made a hairy mess and the remaining hair on yore head soaking wet. 

Sleepers with dandruff, seborrhea or greasy hair problems face the problem of a serious debris and hair oils storage in pillow. This is not only looks bad, for your bed partner, but also because the smell of these wastes remains stored by your pillow.
But, now thanks to the Pillow Sack, you can finally sleep clean and cool, free of dirt build-up, for the sleeping pleasure of you and your partner, and of course, the safeguard of your hair. Click on Terrycloth Cover to get this excellent product.

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