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If you regularly have to drive long hours you must have had experienced sometime driving fatigue, which is the term describing term of that condition of sleepiness, tiredness and exhaustion that have made your driving hours a long a complete torture.

\"drivingIt might seem normal to experience fatigue during a driving journey, but if this becomes a recurrent thing, then you have to take precautions of the consequences it might produce.

Driving fatigue can actually be as dangerous as driving under the effects of alcohol, drugs or any medication because it produces almost the same effects that may lead us to car accidents. All these elements together can make a deadly blend.

Driving fatigue is characterized by the lost of focus and ability to judge our own level of weariness. Other symptoms that come along are:

-    Drowsiness.
-    Lack of concentration.
-    Slow reflects.
-    Boredom.
-    Irritation.
-    Tired or sore eyes.
-    Yawning
-    Short sleeps.

which affect your driving in:

-    Missing road signs
-    Having trouble to stay in the lane.
-    Making larger and fewer steering twists.

\"drivingDriving fatigue does not distinguish among drivers, we are al prone to suffer it, but it is more common in people who spend many our behind the wheel as bus drivers, commercial drivers; shift workers, seat belt haters, young people and people who are in general under too much stress, and physical and mental weakening.

Driving at night increases much more your chances of drowsiness since your circadian rhythms decrease, especially in people with chronic sleep deprivation.

Recently, it has been identified a new driving fatigue high-risk group: Gamblers. People who spend many night hours at a casino, under stress and anxiety for gambling, and who on top of this have to drive home for long distances with anger, depression and worry, have higher probabilities of falling asleep onto the steering wheel and having a car collision.

We have to point out that driving fatigue is not derived from long-hour driving, but also to the quantity and quality of sleep you had the previous night and the time of the day you are driving. Click on Bedding pillows to see how they can help you rest during the night and avoid driving fatigue.

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