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Snoring affects nearly half the adult population with more male snorers than female. That is the reason why more and more people are looking for effective ways to cure this uncomfortable problem. Keep reading to get informed about the most effective cures for snoring.

Effective cures for snoring

There are myriad cures for snoring; however, not all of them will be equally effective or have the same reputation. Keep in mind that before you choose any cure, you must get informed to recognize the one that might be likely to work for you. Try some of the self-help tips below to prevent or alleviate your snoring.

Sleep Posture Correction
best cure for snoringMany of us snore especially loudly when we sleep on our back.  One effective solution is to raise the level of your head with orthopedic pillows. The support provided by orthopedic pillows enormously reduces the chances of the throat muscle completely blocking your air passages during sleep.  If you are a side sleeper, your tongue and soft palate usually fall back narrowing the airway. You can also use an orthopedic pillow to maintain air passages clear.

Lifestyle Changes
Making some little changes in your daily routine can help you reduce snoring. These lifestyle changes include exercising more, losing weight and abstaining from alcohol and smoking. Alcohol should be avoided before bedtime because it relaxes the throat muscles, thereby blocking your air passages. Also, smoking limits your air passages and produces snoring.

Using No-Snore Appliances & Products
Nowadays there are countless appliances for snoring available such as throat sprays, Mouthpiece devices, CPAP, nasal strips, and others. All of them assure that they can reduce snoring; unfortunately, they are not proved to work for everybody. Either way, if you decide to choose any of these, we recommend you to get fully informed on the product you’re planning to use.

Various cures for snoringsurgical procedures for reducing snoring are available which remove or shrink palate and throat tissue, making it easier for you to breathe. However, you must be aware that surgery is a last resort treatment and should only be considered if the simple non-surgical alternatives have been ineffective.

What can I do for myself to prevent or cure snoring?

As you have read above, there are many ways you can cure snoring. However, you should always start with the less risky choices and go further only if necessary. Most specialists recommend a mixture of correcting sleep posture and lifestyle changes.
Besides, we recommend you to try orthopedic pillows like the Sleep Better Pillow™, which is the only orthopedic pillow designed to settle your body comfortably, on your back, side or stomach in the correct alignment.
Sleep Better Pillow™ is especially designed for snoring side sleepers because it extends the neck to open critical air passageways. For back sleepers, the Sleep Better Pillow prevents the head from being pushed forward and keeps the chin elevated off the chest so the airway is open and therefore snoring less likely. Enter here to read more about Sleep Better Pillow for snoring.

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