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Frozen shoulder is a condition that produces constraint of motion in the shoulder joint. The causes of frozen shoulder have not been totally understood, but it can happen by several reasons. Keep reading to learn the possible causes of frozen shoulder and how to deal with it.

What causes frozen shoulder?

 frozen shoulder causesFrozen shoulder can occur because of injuries or diseases that involve the shoulder joint, the soft tissues and bones around the shoulder, or the nerves that provide sensation to the shoulder area.

The shoulder joint has little stability but much mobility. As an extremely mobile joint that plays a central role in the action of a major extremity, the shoulder is always at risk for injury.

Most of the cases, frozen shoulder is not associated injury or any other discernible cause. Some patients who develop a frozen shoulder after a traumatic injury to the shoulder, but these are not the usual cause. A few risk factors of frozen shoulder are:

– Age & Gender: people among the ages of 40 to 60 years old are commonly affected by frozen shoulder. It’s twice common in women than in men.
– Shoulder Surgery: People who have passed through a shoulder surgery can develop a frozen shoulder joint because of prolonged joint immobilization, which increases the risk of developing a frozen shoulder.
– Rotator Cuff: The rotator cuff is the arrangement of muscles and their tendons which provides shoulder motion and stability. One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is soreness of the tendon of the rotator cuff.
– Injuries: In some cases, bones of the shoulder joint move (or are forced) out of their normal position. This produces instability which can lead to dislocation of one of the joints in the shoulder. As a result, you cannot move your shoulder joint.
– Arthritis: Frozen shoulder can also result from arthritis. Even though, there are many types of arthritis, it generally involves wear and tear changes with inflammation of the joint, causing swelling, pain and stiffness. Arthritis may be related to sports or work injuries.
– Tendonitis: Most tendonitis in the shoulder joint is a result of the wearing process that takes place over a period of years, much like the wearing process on the sole of a shoe which eventually splits from overuse.

Often people will avoid shoulder movements in an attempt to lessen the pain arising from these conditions. This sometimes leads to a tightening or stiffening of the soft tissue parts of the joint, resulting in a painful restriction of motion.

What to do to Cope with Frozen Shoulder

If you suffer of frozen shoulder or your shoulder joint hurts, the first things you must do is to give it a complete rest, especially when you sleep. In fact, people who sleep on the side usually roll over to the injured side, putting the shoulder joint under more stress.

So, you must do something to maintain your shoulder joint relaxed especially during sleep.

Currently, many doctors recommend the Sleep Better Pillow™ because it maintains your body in a correct and relax position during all night. Besides, it keeps your shoulder free of stress, so you can enjoy a better sleep and wake up refreshed. The Sleep Better Pillow™ is a scientific contoured pillow that is designed to free up your shoulder and arm, in the side-sleeper position.

The "Sleep Better Pillow" is made of Memory Foam, which provides added stability and support for side sleepers. The Memory Foam will mould itself to your side contours, leading to instant comfort and fewer position changes through the night.

The special channels on the underside of the pillow allow your arm to slide in and out easily, without disturbing your head or neck position. Even with your arm positioned under your head, you will feel no pressure at all, as your head and neck are perfectly supported by the Sleep Better Pillow. To keep reading more about this excellent pillow, click on pillow for frozen shoulder.

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