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Truck drivers, bus drivers and any driver who spends many hours behind the steering wheel must have had experienced sometime an abdominal soreness for the prolonged use of the seat belt.
\"seatAny responsible driver is aware of the importance of seat belt safety; much more if is a handicapped or pregnant driver.  However, many of them ignore the appropriate use of a seat belt.

Among the most common mistakes people make when fastening the seat belt are:

-  Placing the lap belt across the abdomen: In case of collision, the shock force will be applied on the soft tissues of the abdominal organs and the lumbar spine.

-  It must be placed over the lower hips.

-  Placing the diagonal belt underneath the arm.The shoulder belt can pull the lap belt upwards, making it put pressure on the abdomen.

-  It must be across the rib cage.

-  Loose lap belt or shoulder seat belt: In this way your body can slide under the belt and a collision force will shock upon the abdomen, instead on a more resistant part as the pelvic bone.

-  Buckle them up with a snug fit.

\"seatAs you can see, wearing the seat belt in correctly can significantly prevent you from different injuries or even death. And also, it reduces the skin irritation (rubbing, chafing, soreness, etc.) and aching of the misuse of the seat belt.

With the use of the Car Belt Cushion you can increase the safety of you and your car companions and make your driving a more comfortable journey.

Filled completely with memory foam, the Car Belt Cushion adopts exactly the shape of your abdominal contour for giving you extra safety and protection for the abdomen, one of the most delicate parts of your body. Just enter in this page to get this amazing Car Belt Cushion.

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