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Every year many mass media campaigns are launched worldwide to make people get conscious of the necessity and importance of wearing the seat belt to prevent car accidents (collisions, seat belt accidents, etc).
According to figures, 40 000 people under 35 years old die because of car accidents. Shocking to know how many young people die in a way that could have been avoided by taking simple security precautions that do not cost much effort than buckling up a seat belt, which is proven that can prevent in 50% probable deaths for car accidents.

\"carWhat happens when a car crashes? When car is running to certain speed and it is about to hit, for instance a wall, the car tops in the first tenth of second, but the occupant does not stop until something the steering wheel, dashboard or the windshield do, unless he is wearing a seat belt. The fastest the speed, the stronger the human collision will be.

The proper use of an auto seat belt can prevent this misshapen. It can provide you a distance 4 to 5 times greater than when without seat belt. But as we said, it must be worn correctly, that is, with both straps snugly fitted to your hipbones and shoulders (both of them) which are the parts that mainly absorb the collision shock. The seat belt shoulder alone can not avoid your body slides under it, and the lap belt by itself can not help your face from hitting the steering wheel.

Despite of the recommendations some people neglect them for unfounded reasons as:

-    I am just driving around the corner
-    I am an ace on the road
-    I have huge airbags
-    I would be trapped on the car
-    It is awful using that thing

However ?

-  About 80% of car accidents occur within 25 miles from home at a speed of 40 mph.

- Even if you an ace on the road, there are many lousy drivers out there that can hit you.

- Good you have an airbag, it will considerably increase your safety, but it does not protect you from side impacts.

-  According to crash tests, it is better you stay in your car than being thrown out of it with such a great strength that may cause death.

\"car- Seat belts now come in comfortable materials and you can have made a customized seat belt at your car dealer (or get a seat belt extension in case you need a bigger one). And in addition to this, you can add a special cushion as Deluxe Comfort?s Car Belt Cushion of that will protect and comfort your body from the pressure and roughness of the seat belt\'s fabric.

As you can see, the reasons for not wearing a seat belt can be easily refuted by concrete and meaningful arguments aimed to correct ongoing mistakes that can cost, literally, a life.But if you don\'t like to wear it because you think it is uncomfortable, we recommend you to click on Car Belt Seat Cushion to make your ride safe and comfy.

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