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After an abdominal surgery we have to be very careful with the postoperative recovery to assure a faster and good healing because this is one of the most delicate areas of our system due to the vital organs and soft tissues it comprises.?

\"pillowAbdominal surgery recovery demands, as in any other surgery postoperative, constancy and responsibility from you, since this mostly depends on you.? Although you have to make regular visits to your doctor, if this is the case, at home you have to put in practice with care and precision a series of guidelines to realize your normal activities like taking a bath, sleeping, eating putting your clothes on,etc.

Some abdominal surgeries involve a more demanding and prolonged recovery that others. Let?s explore briefly what it takes to overcome the following surgical procedures:

Abdominoplasty: Commonly known as tummy tuck, this surgery is an invasive process aimed to remove extra fat and skin from the lower abdomen. Its recovery process can be troublesome since this involves an abdominal trauma, you may be prevented to twist and bend your waist during approximately for up to two weeks during which you will have to stay at home.

\"pillowYou will feel soreness, swelling and lethargy. Then comes the period where may return to work or school. But just after one month and a half you will be able to perform dynamic activities.? The scar healing is what takes a much extended time of approximately two years for its complete disappearance. /p>

Liposuction: Liposuction recovery can be very uncomfortable, but it takes less time than a tummy tuck. In an average of ten days you can be back to your normal life. There is some degree of bruising and swelling that will remain even after the draining period. Swelling can extend to neighbouring areas of the treated area. For instance, if you have had abdominal liposuction, you may feel swelling in the groin area. You will have to wear compression garments that actually you will find more comfortable than you expected, and drink considerable amounts of water to avoid dehydration.

Hernia: There are different hernia surgeries as inguinal, femoral, umbilical, hiatal, among others, which can be realized as ambulatory procedures. Thanks to modern suture procedures, there is almost no big pain and you can go back to your normal activities in just a matter of days. You can drive your car in just two or three days. If you have a physically demanding job, then it would be recommendable to wait from 10 days to 2 weeks.

Appendicitis: The appendix removal is a common procedure that realized on time can have a successful and fast recovery in an average time of 10 to 28 days and even prevent a peritonitis or shock. However, if there has been a rupture, recovery takes more time and it is necessary the intake of antibiotics.

Caesarean section: Commonly known as C section. C section is a first demand surgery during labour that is determined by your obstetrician when there are complications to give birth vaginally. It allows you to give birth to your baby in a much easier way, but the problem comes afterwards. You will experience difficulty when trying to walk, but certainly it is convenient you try to do it as soon as possible to improve blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots.

\"pillowYou will be at home after a maximum of three days; you will be able to drive after five to six weeks, and you have to avoid as possible to twist, bend and lift heavy things. You will feel a finally recovery after six months or even after a year.

After a certain time you will be able to get out of home in your car, and due to the sensibility and extreme care you have to provide to your abdominal area, wearing a soft and protective cushion pillow underneath the lap belt will help you have a safe and comfortable driving make, and will facilitate your reinsertion to normal life in a much easier way. To read more about how a cushion can help you recover after an surgical intervention in your tummy, just click on Car Belt Cushion.

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