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Sleeping on your side is one of the coziest positions to sleep in. Although some people sleep on their back or face down, most people do it on their side. Right or left, many side sleepers shift positions until they catch sleep.?

Side sleeping is the most suitable position for pregnant women, people with back injury, circulation and breathing problems, women with big breasts or recent breast operation, men and women with varicose veins, and others. However, sleeping positions is a very personal choice. You may sleep in the one you feel most comfy with.

\"postureThough, doctors warn about the pros and cons of each one. For instance, belly sleepers put their column in an uncomfortable position that puts pressure on their lungs, making difficult the breathing process; and if they wrap their arms around the pillow, they are constraining blood circulation to their heart. As for back sleepers, they need a firm side sleeper pillow on their heads and a second pillow under their knees to keep posture back support for their spinal cord.

Sleeping on your side or fetal position ?lying on your side with your head slightly forward, curving your back and bending your knees up to your chest like babies on mom?s womb- takes off the pressure from your column and allows your nose airways to catch plenty of oxygen all through the night.

\"postureOne problem most side sleepers have is the pressure their put on their shoulders and arms which leads to numbness, pain and tingling in the morning, and spinal misalignment. But, with a firm and comfy pillow under your head and neck relieves the weight off your shoulder, and with an extra pillow between your knees you can keep the correct position of your back.

As you can see, for total body support one single pillow is not enough. So what are you going to do? Pad your bed with a dozen of pillows around? Of course, not! With C-Body Pillow you can have FIVE pillows in one for a complete ergonomic support and a comfy snuggling feeling that will be the joy of the side sleeper.

Save money and space, and gain total body support, health benefits and restful sleep with the compound C-Body Pillow that has it all! Just click on C-Body Pillow to get this excellent product.

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