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Feel like sleeping on a spa with the cradling curves of the Contour Pillow that will hold up your head, neck and shoulders just like chiropractors and physical rehab experts recommend: Neck extended and straight spine?.total sleep relief with this contour cloud pillow.

\"memoryTossing and turning are not strange to most of us who can not get satisfaction with our pillow. But these constant twists your give in bed, not only affect your restful sleep but also your skin by the pressure you put on your face with your arms and/or hands, mainly in side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Fold lines that appear due to this rough contact may become permanent if you keep on smashing your face over the pillow every night.

Those rings under your eyes adds you years and rest your vitality. Sleep is more than just giving your body time to rest; it is giving valuable time to it for repairing and healing itself from the stress is has been through during the day.

Pale skin color and bloodshot and baggy eyes are not flattering. If you already present wrinkles, lack of sleep emphasizes them much more, accelerating the aging process.

\"memoryMost people are sleeping less hours every night, and the tendency does not seem to go any better. We are living in a constant marathon with the world out there and ourselves. Most people are sleeping on average 6 hours a day on business days, and 7 hours on weekends.

Sleep deprivation, after stress is becoming a major health problem due to its serious side effects as diminishing of your performance at work, school, in bed, in anything you do. This is highly risky for drivers and people who operate dangerous machines.

The importance of sleep in health and beauty

Sleep importance relies on the influence it has on our personal appearance and physical and mental health.

\"memorySleep is a break time we give to our body for thorough restoration (cell division), hormone growth and physical rest that usually takes from 8 to 9 hours in adults.

This restoring process involves skin cells of all our body and the ones of our complexion are the most benefited by the so-called ?beauty sleep?, which happens in the deep stages of sleep when our complexion gets luminosity and soft texture, our nails get stronger, and our hair healthy and shiny.

When our body does not get enough sleep it first shows on our face, on the dark circles under our eyes, comprised of the most delicate skin in our body. Likewise our skin responds to sleep deprivation with acne breakouts and hair loss.

And this is not only a women?s beauty affair, but also a health concern due to the drawbacks sleep deprivation as memory loss, obesity, fatigue, and the increase of suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. 

During sleep our body releases free radicals, group or unpaired cells that are responsible of accelerating the aging process and the growth of cancerous tumors.

And if we sum up to lack of sleep the other abuses we have with our body: smoking, drinking, taking drugs, eating junk food, hangovers, and so on. No surprise, we see the effects of premature aging reflected on our face.

Sleep is the only precious time we give to our body totally for itself; doesn?t it deserve to have it with maximum comfort? The Contour  Pillow is the therapeutic contour pillow that will make your beauty dreams come true. Click on Contour Memory Foam Neck Pillow to start having a better sleep now!

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