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C-Body Pillow: The fave pillow of future moms

Nine months of long wait means many changes and discomforts for the future mom. To cope with them and carry a healthy belly in a more bearable way, there has been created myriad of maternity products for each and every of the natural difficulties that entail pregnancy.

During pregnancy most future moms have to face sleep disorders, especially during the last months when the belly is very developed. According to sleep dispregnancy pillowsorders studies, pregnant women who can not get enough sleep during this period are more likely to undergo a Cesarean section than those who have been well-rested. 

Finding the right position to sleep can be very painful for the pregnant women. Sleeping on your back can be hard to get used to, if this is not your habitual sleep position, and much more when you are holding a belly upon. The most suitable position is then, lying on your side; however, you will feel the weight pulling down your side and the pressure from your back.  Sow how can you get good sleep rest if you can not feel comfortable in any position? You need a pregnancy pillow especially contoured to the shape of your body and that provides support to your growing belly and your lower back at the same time.

C-Body Pillow is a full body pillow that will provide you cradle-like rest all night long that will benefit your physical condition during gestation.

And when the great moment of birth arrives, you will need during the breastfeeding period. Whether you are a first-time mother or an experienced one, you will surely need a firm but also comfy surface to place the baby upon.

You need a wrap-around cushion and a safe for the baby positioning for breastfeeding or bottle feeding that gives you a relieving back, neck, shoulders and arms rest as well as reduces muscle strain in these areas. Likewise is a great abdominal protection for moms who are recovering from a C-section.

A good maternity pillow has to fit around the mother’s waist to put the baby in the right level that allows the mother breastfeed it or give her a bottle. In this way, the mother is not bearing all the weight of the body, thus diminishing the risk of baby-sliding, injury in the body parts above-mentioned or any other accident.

Body Pillow with baby

A good breastfeeding pillow must be in an intermediate range between softness and solidness. Not to soft to make the baby sink in it, and not that hard to leave it rest peacefully while she is being nursed. However, it is needed to say that due to its size, C-Body Pillow works better if you are sitting in bed, in a sofa or a big armchair, which are more suitable places to nurse your baby.

Finally, you can also use C-Body Pillow to place the baby inside it, so she can sit very comfy by her own, cradle around it and rest on the sofa, her cradle and armchair or wherever you put her.

C-Body Pillow is the helpful extra hand you were asking for that will leave you hands-free to do other task while breastfeeding your baby at the same time. Click on Pregnancy Pillow to get this excellent product.

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