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Adjustable Swim Ankle Weights (pair) 5 Lb.

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Product Overview

Aquatic exercises are actually a great way to burn calories. In fact, simply treading the water vigorously for eleven minutes will cause you to burn about 11 calories. This is comparable to running six miles per hour for a minute. An added bonus is the fact that exercising in water creates a natural resistance which does not cause undue stress on your joints. It is a great zero impact exercise that you will definitely enjoy. Aquatic fitness is the newest trend in exercising. Perfect for all ages, aquatic fitness is great for individuals with physical challenges, those with chronic conditions such as arthritis, or the above-average athlete who wants to increase their athletic performance. Aquatic fitness can help anyone lose weight, build strength, and gain new flexibility. The great thing about aquatic fitness is that not only does water add resistance to any exercise, but it also provides buoyancy so exercises that would be difficult or limited on land are more manageable. Aquatic Weights Items offers comfortable fit. It Helps tone and strengthen muscles. It provides an increased resistance in water for greater toning and strengthening of muscles and cardiovascular exercise for your heart and lungs. Anything you do with dumbbells on land can easily translate to water workouts with aquatic fitness weights. You can do a variety of exercises to strengthen and tone your legs, abs, and back, such as doing squats and lunges. With the added weight and resistance, aquatic fitness weights will help you achieve your desired results in a shorter amount of time.

Benefits and Features

  • Helps tone and strengthen muscles
  • Strengthen and tone your legs, abs, and back
  • Helps anyone lose weight, build strength, and gain new flexibility

Product Information Details

Weight:  5.0000
Item ID:  122401
MPN:  5430B
UPC:  885535246686
Manufacturer:  Aquatic Weights & Resist Glove
Shipping Weight:  5 pounds
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Adjustable Swim Ankle Weights (pair) 5 Lb.

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