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Real-ease Neck Support

Item # 10500
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Product Overview

Is that tension around your neck making you feel irritated? Looking for a remedy that doesn't bring troublesome side effects? Here it is an excellent therapeutic neck support that will energize you to the top of your head.

Finally, there's a way to relieve neck pain and tension in a natural way. It is the Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE Neck and Shoulder Relaxer. This is a comfortable neck support massager that will relax you while you're reading or lying comfortably on the floor. When you place it on a flat firm surface, place your head comfortably on the support and leave it there,you will feel the pain releasing out of you and working on quite rapidly around your head and body as it goes down your spine.

The design has a finger shape foam pad reaching out to massage your neck and head when placing it under your head. The fabric will allow you to rest comfortably as it is made from polyester foam, giving you that extra smoothness. You can feel the relaxation working from the head up to your toes, within 30 to 60 seconds. This support will definitely benefit people that have some chronic headaches, neck strain or even shoulder aches.

It can also help reduce the pain caused by TMJ (Tempomandibular joint pain). Medically tested, the Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE Neck and Shoulder Relaxer will give you the relaxation you get from a head massager at the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Order it now and see your body soothe.

Benefits and Features

  • Works the key points of head relaxation
  • Made from Polyester foam for greater comfort
  • Cradles your head gently and gives you a nice massage
  • Feel the results within minutes
  • Compact design, can be used on any flat surface
  • Product Information Details

    Weight:  2.0000
    Item ID:  10862
    MPN:  10500
    UPC:  725479105000
    Manufacturer:  Kenshin Trading Corporation
    Shipping Weight:  2
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    Real-ease Neck Support

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