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Customers who buy products on websites like Amazon place a great deal of importance on the number and nature of the reviews being given by other consumers. Good reviews generally result in more sales while bad reviews cost sales. In short, product companies like ours need reviews from real consumers in order to compete. As a member of Get it Free you'll be given products for free and get to keep them for giving them an honest review. It's that simple!

Here's The Kinds Of Products Our Reviewers Get

3-panel Bathtub Luxury Pillow

ULTIMATE COMFORT and non-slip security. 3-Panel Pillow. Still with several attached suction cups ensure your pillow doesn't slip. MILDEW RESISTANT foam and PVC to eliminate the offensive odor that can stick to other bath pillows. 

TAB Roll - Lap Pad Pillow

A UNIVERSAL TABLET HOLDER that fit across both your knees with the flexibility to hold any tablet or e-reader in multiple positions with ease. Filled with Microbeads and Buckwheat, this pillow is super malleable, so it can be molded to hold your device in any position and your body how ever your Roll!

Cool Gel UFO Neck Pillow - w/ Soft Memory Foam

Soothing Gel Pad on the memory foam pillow offers a cooling sensation all nap long. Extremely comfortable and gives great support for your neck. Perfect for long car or airplane trips, great support during long waits such as hospital stays.

Better Sleep Pillow, Gel Fiber Fill Pillow 

PROVIDES TWO ARM tunnels with a thick layer of padding over them making room for your arm to burrow under. One tunnel goes down the front the other down the middle, so you can adjust the way you want to at the time.

Neck And Shoulder Herbal Therapy Wrap

Hot and Cold Therapy Shoulder Herbal Remedy Pack is the perfect herbal remedy for treating the whole neck, upper back, and shoulder by getting to those painful and stressed areas all at once! 

Microbead Roll Mooshi Bolster Squish

Cushtie Pillow is great for relieving stress, cat naps or power naps on the sofa, in bed, under your desk at work or on planes, trains and automobiles. Available 12 colors.

Porter Bed Rest Pillow with arms - Multi-Colors 

Moved easily from room to room Comfortable and provides support while reading in bed Plump filling Perfect for the dorm room Comfortable and provides support while reading in bed 8 - 16" H x 16 - 20" W x 12 - 20" D - 

Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

Seat cushion reduces pressure on the coccyx while sitting Superior comfort for chairs, car seats, planes, and wheelchairs Promotes healthy posture and spine alignment Assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. 14 x 18 x 3.3 inches

Lamp Desk With Lap - Black

The perfect transportable workstation for you and your laptop with a comfy built-in beanbag cushion . Includes integrated LED light, perfect for reading. Use in bed, on the sofa, in a chair, in the car, or just about anywhere !

Luggage Travel Shelves

Allow you to organize and pack all your items quickly into carryon luggage; Clothes easily unpacked and repacked in seconds - Pack your shelves; Lift them up and gently collapse shelves into your suitcase
Information and Frequently Asked Questions

We started this no cost membership program “Get it Free” to targeting writers and smart customers like you to join us!  Our commitment to provided great comfort products for you to test. Reviewers will do what they do best: describe by writing, taking pictures, make videos and giving feedback. Together we will have fun. We want you to try out our products and give your honest opinion. If you do write a review, we wanted to point out that the FTC guidelines says that recipients should state that they received this product from us for free. Amazon wants you to disclose that you received a discount or complimentary product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. At DeluxeComfort we are always committed to being 100% compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service. We request that you disclose this information in your review.

+ In most cases we give away between 100 and 200 free products for each item we promote. If you arrived at the redemption page and it says that there are no coupons left it simply means that all coupon codes for that product have already been redeemed. We try our best to avoid this happening by releasing product offers in a controlled manner but it does happen from time-to-time, particularly with certain high-value items.

+ Does every member get the same product offers? We only release most promotions to small sections of entire community. We do this to try and make sure that if you receive an offer there is a good chance you will also get the item and not miss out because thousands of people got the same promotion at the same

+ Are you going to sell or rent my information to any other companies?
No. We never share, sell, rent or give your contact details to any of our clients or any third party.

+ Do I still have to pay shipping and handling at Amazon. Why is that?
We give away coupons that discount the product itself – not the shipping and handling charges. This is because the product is a fixed price whereas shipping handling charges vary greatly from one customer to another. For example, many reviewers are also Amazon Prime Members which means that most of the time their shipping is free. Of those that are not Amazon Prime Members, some want their item in 24 hours whereas some are willing to wait 7-10 days for a cheaper shipping option. In short, the coupons we give away are redeemable against the cost of the product only and cannot be used to pay shipping and handling.

+ Do I have to write a positive product review?

You are only obligated to write an honest product review and sometimes that will mean a negative review. If your item arrived damaged, please refrain from writing a bad review on that basis as that is outside of the control of the company and can be easily fixed. If you do feel compelled to write a negative review, that’s OK but please be considerate about what you’re writing. Remember that there we are real people behind these products and we have invested a lot of time and money into putting our product into the marketplace. Your review will stay on Amazon forever and it will have a real financial impact on someone’s business so please keep that in mind when reviewing. That being said, we only expect an honest review.

+ I don’t want to be a member anymore. How do I stop getting your emails and texts?
Simply use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email offer we send you to stop getting emails. Simply reply STOP to any text message we send you to remove yourself from our SMS system.

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