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As we grow old, sleep patterns change too. We start sleeping less that when we were young, which means less time in REM phase, during this phase of Rapid Eyes Movement heart rate and breathing are quite irregular and body temperature is not regulated, and it is presumably a sleep stage during which take place vital processes as growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems.?

Despite the fact that elderly people sleep less than the average of seven to eight hours as young people, they require as much sleep quality as them. Taking daily and afternoon naps allow them to catch up with the insufficient sleep they have at night. However, this continuous napping reinforces their inability to sleep and produce in them chronic insomnia.

So, why can?t elderly people sleep fully at night as in their younger years?

With aging, our system starts lessening its functions and becomes more vulnerable to any kind of diseases or conditions.

\"snoringChronic mental and physical illnesses are common in senior people, like dementia, arthritis, prostate ailment, depression, among others that interfere in the normal cycles of sleep. Likewise, to manage these health problems they consume great quantities of medications and more prone to strong reactions. Their production of melatonin, a neuronal substance, is reduced with age, which produces changes in sleep patterns and unchains night-time insomnia.

Elder people feel more affected by fatigue, which make them go to bed earlier, but with the undesired effect of making them wake up earlier too. Nursing homes and hospitals are not usually very resident-friendly, which produce a deep depression and anguish in elder people that prevent them from full night rest. And in addition to this, these places tend to be very noisy and uncomfortable. Other sleep problems associated to aging are:

Snoring:: It is the noise a person makes while breathing during her sleep, due to the vibration of her soft palate and uvula.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea sufferers stop breathing during 10 to 30 seconds, for 20 to 30 times in one hour. It is shown by deep and loud snoring, big gasping after each breathe and waking up the person a bit.

Restless Legs Syndrome: It is a neurological condition that makes you want to move your legs while sitting down, lying down and sleeping.

Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD):? It is a continuous leg cramping that takes place at night. The person realizes rhythmic and repetitive movements during a period of 20 to 40 seconds. Due to their more delicate physical condition, older people need a total body support.

Older people experiment a degeneration of their muscular and skeletal systems, which make them vulnerable to suffer from injuries, strains, sprains and any other physical problems that come accompanies with high blood pressure, respiratory obstruction, circulation problems, cramps, numbness, and other ailments.

\"snoringOlder people require a pillow that provides them complete body support for their spinal cord, and upper and lower alignment that the ergonomic C-Body Pillow can fully offer. C-Body Pillow is a friendly and cuddling pillow that will make them feel totally secure in bed and a cradling support no matter what sleeping position they rest. To get this excellent product, just click on C-Body Pillow.

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