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Sleeping Wedge Pillow 9 inch - Best Foam bed wedge pillow for Sleep on a incline - Relief from Snoring, Heartburn, Congestion and Medical Conditions.

Item # DCVPB003NTXC96 Brand Deluxe Comfort
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Product Features

» Wedge pillow reduces Bed Wedge by elevating the torso to prevent from burning the lining of your esophagus while you sleep

» The Bed Wedge comes in two sizes 6 and 9 inches

» Turn your mere-mortal sleep into a god-like sleep

» Helps with the following: Barrett's esophagus,Hiatal Hernias, Pregnancy,Respiratory Disease,Sinus Congestion and Post Nasal Drainage,Snoring,CPAP

Product Overview

Raise Yourself to a More Restful Sleep

Do you fold your pillow trying to make it taller and raise yourself up off the bed? How about pillow stacking, only to have them slip and shift and never quite sit right? When you try to read in bed, or perhaps watch the latest shows to relax at night time, do you end up with nothing but back aches and neck pain? Perhaps you've just had surgery or a medical procedure that requires you to be elevated in bed for long periods of time? Or maybe a medical condition requires the same? We know how painful it can be to stay in bed for long periods, and how unsatisfying that kind of rest can be.

Enter Stage Left: The Sleeping Wedge Pillow from Deluxe Comfort. Sleeping elevated with wedge pillows shows a remarkable amount of therapeutic benefits. These include, but are not limited to, reduced heartburn and congestion, improved breathing and support, and reduced pains and aches. It even helps reduce snoring! An excellent and easy alternative to folding or stacking ordinary pillows. Not only is it therapeutic, but it's also one of the most comfortable rests you'll experience. Perfect height for reading or watching television in bed.

Made with high-quality memory foam, this wedge pillow is hypoallergenic to assist in removing sleep barriers for those with asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems. Available in a 6-inch or a 9-inch pillow, each complete with a 383-thread count, padded cover. Cover is removable for easy washing necessary to remove additional environmental allergens.

HURRY and SECURE your PAIN-FREE raised rest TODAY for one year of GUARANTEED satisfaction or your MONEY BACK!!

Benefits and Features

  • GREAT WEDGE PILLOW for raising your back or your legs off the bed during sleep, while reading or watching television, and after medical procedures that require bed rest.
  • HOLISTIC ADVANTAGES of elevated sleep include less snoring and congestion, reduced heartburn, as well as increased neck and back support leading to decreased aches and pains.
  • GRADUAL INCLINE raises you off the bed perfectly, eliminating the need for several pillows propped on top of each other.
  • SNEEZE-FREE hypoallergenic materials aid in ensuring you get a restful sleep, free from extra allergens.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE promises that you will continue to have a restful sleep with alleviated pain for at least one year, or we'll refund your money.
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    Asin code:  B003NTXC96
    Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
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    Sleeping Wedge Pillow 9 inch - Best Foam bed wedge pillow for Sleep on a incline - Relief from Snoring, Heartburn, Congestion and Medical Conditions.

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